Saturday, April 18, 2009

Almost Walking Time...

Sorry...a little more shameless plugging here. My girls are still trying to reach their goals for the March for Babies. If anyone is interested in helping them's the links to their pages. Anything you can do to help them is greatly appreciated. We're getting excited about the's getting closer. :)

Michaela's Page

Megan's Page

Huge thanks to those who helped me reach my are awesome! Now I'm off to get a little practice in....gotta be ready for Saturday. Hugs!!!!


Sandy said...

Hope things go well for them. I've been more than busy with a long 2 month hospital stay with my Mother, who just recently passed.

Am just trying to do a little blog visiting, it's been awhile.


Sandy said...

Trying to visit all the Bridge team members to say...hey come take a look and see how we're doing/did. Weather here's been cold and wet several days; but the folks under the bridge are getting some relief, as we are having some nice spring days too.