Sunday, November 2, 2008

Trick Or Treat Memories

I was going to delete this photo and then I thought....WAIT! This is my brain after all this Halloween excitement. :P Am I ever glad that this is over.

The resident Trick or ghost. I have no idea why she wanted to be a ghost but I didn't argue. This costume cost $2...twin size bed sheet at the thrift store. Woo Hoo! She insisted on having a bow on her head but it was a clear plastic bow so you can't see it unless you're up close. It made her happy so that's all that matters.

This was in someone's yard on our route during the night and I thought it was pretty awesome. I had a really hard time getting the photo....couldn't get a clear one no matter how hard I tried. It was pretty busy and fast moving along the road so I didn't have much time anyway.

This is a little better but the Pirate was going back down into the treasure chest at this point so you still don't get the full effect.

I did no decorating this year myself so I thought I would include the pumpkin from a friend's front porch. You gotta have at least one pumpkin. My Ghost had fun and got plenty of candy she doesn't even need so I guess it was a good night. We finished of with some scary movies and cooking..YAY!!! I hope you all had a great Halloween. This is hopefully our last one to go out Trick or Treating.

I've finished my snake scarf and I'm working on some cute little cable cuff mittens for my cousin. It's a vintage knitting pattern and it knits up so fast. I have now learned to do cables on the needle. YEAH! Then I am on to a hat to go with her little mittens. After that...not sure. I'm just happy to finally be making some Christmas knitting progress.



Shirl said...

Sunkisses you are beautiful, what a pretty little Ghost. I am sure you scared the folks into giving you that candy? WTG my sweet, precious friend, I am so proud of you, you will have your Xmas knitting done in no time.

hakucho said...

Sure looks like you all had fun :) Love your little ghost :) My boys don't go out any more...not as excitingas in last years. We had many many less kids come to the house this year. My boys were happy...more candy for them :)

amy-lynne......... said...

glad ya'll had a great time!!! cant wait to see what ya get knitted up for christmas... laters :Þ

Tea said...

I'm gonna have to fire my blog reader for not letting me know you posted!

Anyways, I can't wait to see those cable cuff mittens and the scarf. I may have to sew some Christmas gifts this year..not enough time for knitting lately. :(

Have a great weekend!