Friday, November 7, 2008

Pumpkin Dishcloth Freebie

I thought it was about time I shared another free pattern. Just my way of saying "Thanks" for hanging around and reading my blog even though lately I really stink at keeping it updated. :P's a little pattern for you that's appropriate for the season and the upcoming holiday. The pattern is written for one color like the first photo but for those of you skilled in changing colors...the second photo is also an option. For those who aren't...don't feel alone...I am not a color changing skilled knitter either. Thanks to Shirl for the test knitting...otherwise I wouldn't have that second photo. :P Hugs!

Pumpkin Dishcloth

©Designed by Melanie Thompson

Test Knit by Shirley Smith

US Size 6 needles

100% Cotton Yarn

Cast on 47 stitches

Rows 1-5: Knit

Row 6: K4, P39, K4

Row 7 & All Odd Rows: Knit

Row 8: K4, P39, K4

Row 10: K4, P9, K21, P9, K4

Row 12: K4, P7, K3, P3, K5, P3, K5, P3, K3, P7, K4

Row 14: K4, P6, K3, P3, K6, P3, K6, P3, K3, P6, K4

Row 16: K4, P5, K3, P3, K6, P5, K6, P3, K3, P5, K4

Row 18: K4, P4, K3, P4, K6, P5, K6, P4, K3, P4, K4

Row 20: K4, P3, K4, P4, K6, P5, K6, P4, K4, P3, K4

Row 22: K4, P3, K4, P4, K6, P5, K6, P4, K4, P3, K4

Row 24: K4, P3, K4, P4, K6, P5, K6, P4, K4, P3, K4

Row 26: K4, P3, K4, P4, K6, P5, K6, P4, K4, P3, K4

Row 28: K4, P3, K4, P4, K6, P5, K6, P4, K4, P3, K4

Row 30: K4, P3, K4, P4, K6, P5, K6, P4, K4, P3, K4

Row 32: K4, P4, K5, P3, K5, P5, K5, P3, K5, P4, K4

Row 34: K4, P6, K4, P3, K4, P5, K4, P3, K4, P6, K4

Row 36: K4, P8, K3, P3, K4, P3, K4, P3, K3, P8, K4

Row 38: K4, P10, K3, P2, K3, P3, K3, P2, K3, P10, K4

Row 40: K4, P12, K15, P12, K4

Row 42: K4, P17, K4, P18, K4

Row 44: K4, P18, K4, P17, K4

Row 46: K4, P19, K4, P16, K4

Row 48: K4, P39, K4

Row 50: K4, P39, K4

Rows 51-55: Knit

Bind off and weave in the ends.


hakucho said...

Very cute pumpkin cloth....thanks for the pattern :)

Tea said...

Your pumpkin cloth is adorable!
Thank you for sharing it for free!
I call my granddaughters my punkins..looks like a great pattern for knitting them some cloths soon. Thanks!

Shirl said...

My darling Friend
Thanks for the opportunity to be able to test knit for you, I appreciate the confidence you have in me. Love you.

Shea said...

That's very cute! By the way, it's okay if you're not keeping everything updated regularly. Especially since I seem to keep falling behind in my blog reading - Obviously. :)

Christy said...

Too cute! And just in time for Thanksgiving.

Sandy said...

Sooooooooo cute! Thanks for sharing your pattern.

Sandy said...

Happy Thanksgiving

Sandy said...

Doing patterns like this is new to me and my knitting abilities. Without doing a swatch which I think I'm allergic too. lol What size would it come out? Have you done it with worsted weight yarn? Trying to get a feel for sizing. Thanks

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

I love love love your dishcloth and other patterns to:)Hugs Darcy

Tina said...

I love this one. (I used to be in the yahoo dishcloth knitalong group, don't know if you remember me...) :P Great cloth!