Friday, April 13, 2007

Apple Surprise

This is a cloth I designed for my daughter to give her teachers...a little end of the year gift. I did make one little correction on the worm as I was unhappy with his little head. I haven't had time to knit another just for posting a picture. Once knitted his head won't be as pointy as the one in my photo. Just a little something to share while I continue to work on some other patterns. Feel free to use this one as well as the others if you'd like. Happy Knitting everyone!

Apple Surprise
© Copyright 2007
Designed by Melanie Thompson
1 Ball 100% Cotton
US Size 7 needles
Cast on 43
Rows 1-4: Knit
Rows 5 & All Odd Rows: Knit
Row 6: K4, P35, K4
Row 8: K4, P35, K4
Row 10: K4, P35, K4
Row 12: K4, P35, K4
Row 14: K4, P8, K14, P13, K4
Row 16: K4, P7, K16, P12, K4
Row 18: K4, P6, K18, P11, K4
Row 20: K4, P5, K20, P10, K4
Row 22: K4, P5, K20, P10, K4
Row 24: K4, P5, K20, P10, K4
Row 26: K4, P5, K22, P8, K4
Row 28: K4, P6, K21, P8, K4
Row 30: K4, P7, K16, P2, K3, P7, K4
Row 32: K4, P8, K6, P2, K6, P3, K3, P7, K4
Row 34: K4, P14, K2, P10, K4, P5, K4
Row 36: K4, P14, K2, P10, K4, P6, K4
Row 38: K4, P12, K3, P20, K4
Row 40: K4, P11, K3, P21, K4
Row 42: K4, P9, K4, P22, K4
Row 44: K4, P35, K4
Row 46: K4, P35, K4
Row 48: K4, P35, K4
Row 50: K4, P35, K4
Row 51-54: Knit
Cast off.
Weave in the ends.


Wendy in MD said...

This is so cute! Great job! Thanks for sharing your pattern...I might make a couple of these for my kids' teachers. ;)

Lindy said...

Looks great! If I wasn't homeschooled, I'd give one to my teacher! :)

Knitted Kitty said...

Too funny Melanie. I have an apple and worm charted that I just need to knit. Mines a little different though.

You did a great job.It's super cute!

Anne said...

That is VERY cute - my sis is a teacher, I'll have to make one for her!

Anonymous said...

She chokes on her bright Red Delicious apple, she just bit into. Apple Surprise, indeed! Now where can I find apple red cotton thread!
Suzanne in northern BC