Monday, March 31, 2008

Wee Tiny Sock....Big Big Thanks

First off...I have to say a HUGE THANK YOU!! to everyone who sent me Happy Birthday wishes. I have never had so many b'day greetings in my entire life. You all have really made my birthday something special.

Second...Another HUGE THANK YOU!! to all the great people who have joined our new dishcloth KAL group. In just 10 days we have reached 84 members. I can't believe how many great friends and new friends have joined us and we're growing every day. I have to admit that I was a little worried about starting the group....not knowing if anyone would want to join and feeling really lonely with just me, Froggie and Shirl. ;P The response has been just overwhelming and the wonderful comments and words of encouragement have been absolutely awesome. We've still got room for plenty's such a friendly group that's developing there. We started our first KAL today too....*sigh* What more could a girl ask for?

Now on the the Wee Tiny Sock Swap. This was my practice sock. I used Lion Brand Magic Stripes. I wasn't sure if it would stripe on such a tiny thing but it did. I'll post a photo of my swap sock when my partner receives it. It's on it's way!

Just sharing a little more spring for all you still snow bound friends. Can you believe we had to fire up the fireplace yesterday!? It was so cold here. Not so bad today. This weather is crazy.

Did anyone participate in the Earth hour on March 29? We did were not thrilled. lol
After we got out some candles they seemed to perk up a bit. I spent most of the hour explaining "WHY are we turning all the lights off? it would help even if "everybody else isn't doing it"....ahh...quality family discussion time. lol They would never admit it but I think the kids actually ended up enjoying it. Thanks, Isabelle for sending me the link to sign up.

*feeling really special today*

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Oh Yeah.....I Have AN FO!!!

If you remember a little while ago, I was starting the Purl McBigBottom purse . Betcha thought it would never get finished....I was doubtful myself. Well, here it is! Done! Finished! YAY! I did some extra repeats here and there and it's not exactly to the pattern but my yarn was not quite as chunky so it was turning out a bit small. I think it will look even better once I get something in it and you can see the "bigbottom" effect. I was pretty pleased with it and already got a "I want one of those" from Mom and my sister even thought it was cute. Not a bad day's work.

Gotta give ya a little close-up of the I'm really wishing I had stuffed something in there beforehand. lol I used Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick. I'm thinking the color was Taupe but not 100% sure. This really is a quick knit if you actually knit on it and not push it to the side like I did. :P

And...progress on the second sock. I need to get it gear with the knitting so I can get these finished already. I want to wear them! And for once...a photo that shows the colors true. Aunt Kathy...I have thought about that 2 socks on 2 circulars thing be perfectly honest, I am askeerd. I'll let you try that first and tell me the details. lol And thank you, thank you Shelly....someone else gets my logic!!

Okay, before I go....sharing a little more spring with ya. I keep going out and looking to see what's budding and which plants are going to make it back this year. Still waiting on my elephant ears...too early to tell yet I think.

Now I'm off to get my Wee Tiny Sock done for my partner. I'm thinking if I have time, I may just make two.


Friday, March 28, 2008

Just Checking In....

Spring is officially here...look at my Granny Smith apple tree. YAY!! Last year was the first year he officially produced anything remotely edible. If I remember correctly, we counted about 60 little apples last year. They didn't get very big but I tried them anyway and they were right tasty little things. I have high hopes for this guy this year.

No new knitting pictures to share...sorry. By the time I realized it, it was too late in the day to attempt it. They would have been crappy photos at this point. I have been knitting though not on the original projects....bag and sock and the long neglected Icelandic Shawl. I've got two new dishcloth designs done for my new group that I will post as freebies when the KALs are done.
I have a little bit of progress on the bag and the second sock just not as much as I had hoped at this point.

I decided to go ahead and start the second sock and let the other sit until I get them both to the same point...toe decreases. That way, they're both the same size. I have this morbid fear that if I finish the first one completely and then do the second one that somehow I will end up with two completely different size socks. In "Melanie Logic" this makes perfect sense. lol

Hope you're all well or getting well...we're still working on it and now we have the lovely pollen to add to our troubles. Yuck! I'm convinced that I have bronchitis since it hasn't gone away like a cold would and it has all settled down in my chest. Another YUCK! But, I feel okay otherwise so I'm gonna tough it out. It'll have to go sometime.

Off to try to get some knitting time in on these two little projects so I can get back to the shawl. It's beginning to haunt me. lol


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Freebie Day

I've been so slack lately....still nursing that dang cold that seems to have decided he wants to live here. It's Spring Break so the kids are all home, too which makes it even more crazy around here. I thought I would give you a freebie that I should have posted a long time ago. Nothing've seen his face before.

Grin & Bear It
Designed by Melanie Thompson
©Copyright 2007

Cast on 44 stitches

Rows 1-6: Knit
Row 7: K3, P38, K3
Row 8: Knit
Row 9: K3. P38, K3
Row 10: Knit
Row 11: K3, P38, K3
Row 12: K8, P1, K12, P2, K12, P1, K8
Row 13: K3, P6, K1, P10, K1, P2, K1, P10, K1, P6, K3
Row 14: K10, P10, K4, P10, K10
Row 15: K3, P9, K1, P18, K1, P9, K3
Row 16: K12, P1, K18, P1, K12
Row 17: K3, P9, K1, P18, K1, P9, K3
Row 18: K11, P1, K20, P1, K11
Row 19: K3, P8, K1, P20, K1, P8, K3
Row 20: K11, P1, K20, P1, K11
Row 21: K3, P8, K1, P20, K1, P8, K3
Row 22: K10, P1, K22, P1, K10
Row 23: K3, P7, K1, P22, K1, P7, K3
Row 24: K10, P1, K22, P1, K10
Row 25: K3, P6, K1, P11, K2, P11, K1, P6, K3
Row 26: K9, P1, K10, P1, K2, P1, K10, P1, K9
Row 27: K3, P6, K1, P8, K2, P4, K2, P8, K1, P6, K3
Row 28: K8, P1, K7, P2, K8, P2, K7, P1, K8
Row 29: K3, P5, K1, P5, K2, P12, K2, P5, K1, P5, K3
Row 30: K8, P1, K2, P1, K1, P1, K16, P1, K1, P1, K2, P1, K8
Row 31: K3, P5, K1, P3, K1, P7, K4, P7, K1, P3, K1, P5, K3
Row 32: K8, P1, K4, P1, K5, P6, K5, P1, K4, P1, K8
Row 33: K3, P5, K1, P9, K8, P9, K1, P5, K3
Row 34: K9, P1, K8, P8, K8, P1, K9
Row 35: K3, P7, K1, P8, K6, P8, K1, P7, K3
Row 36: K11, P1, K20, P1, K11
Row 37: K3, P9, K1, P18, K1, P9, K3
Row 38: K12, P1, K5, P2, K4, P2, K5, P1, K12
Row 39: K3, P9, K1, P2, K1, P2, K2, P4, K2, P2, K1, P2, P1, P9, K3
Row 40: K12, P1, K3, P1, K10, P1, K3, P1, K12
Row 41: K3, P9, K1, P4, K3, P4, K3, P4, K1, P9 K3
Row 42 K13, P1, K1, P1, K12, P1, K1, P1, K13
Row 43: K3, P9, K1, P3, K2, P8, K2, P3, K1, P9, K3
Row 44 K11, P1, K3, P1, K2, P8, K2, P1, K3, P1, K11
Row 45 K3, P7, K1, P5, K1, P10, K1, P5, K1, P7, K3
Row 46 K10, P1, K5, P1, K10, P1, K5, P1, K10
Row 47 K3, P7, K1, P5, K1, P10, K1, P5, K1, P7, K3
Row 48 K11, P1, K4, P1, K10, P1, K4, P1, K11
Row 49 K3, P9, K4, P12, K4, P9, K3
Row 50K3, P38, K3
Row 51 Knit
Row 52 K3, P38, K3
Row 53 Knit
Row 54 K3, P38, K3
Rows 55-60: Knit

Bind off and weave in the ends.

There's a link on the sidebar if you want to just download a Word doc. of the pattern.


Monday, March 24, 2008

Kites And Wee Tiny Sock Swap

The little man got to fly a kite for the first time this weekend. He looks more fascinated with the string than the kite itself. lol His Mommy said he had a good time and I think they've found a new activity to burn off some of that toddler energy that I so wish I still had. He was cute doing it and I'm proud of him for handling it all by himself on his first time out.

I just left Nichole's blog and the sign-ups for the Wee Tiny Sock Swap. I love the tiny socks...think back to the's just too cute and it was so quick to knit. They also make cute ornaments. I have the intention of decorating my Christmas tree this year in all hand knit ornaments so this would be good practice. *sounds good anyway* If anyone else is have until Thursday (March 27) to sign up. Details are at the link above. I love the swaps and they're a fun way to make some new friends.

I have done almost no knitting the past few the Spring cleaning bug and been busy busy. Ms Thang has outgrown so many of her clothes so we went through most of them last night and send a huge bag full of clothes with my sister this morning to give to someone who can use them. It's amazing how fast these kids grow!! And she still has more we will bag up and send off. I'm pretty sure she's outgrown her "Heely's" (don't know if spelled that right)....the shoes with the wheels so they can skate around....she's not gonna be happy to see those go but there's no sense in hanging on to them. Oh well....the joys of growing up. :P

*I wanted to send out a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who has signed up for our new dishcloth KAL group ....we're up to 29 members already. That's enough to get us a KAL going soon! Anybody else interested? Come on...we'd love to see you there. I've got plenty more invites to send out....just leave me a comment if you want one. :)


Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

Humorous Pictures

Funny Dog Pictures
see more loldogs are funny dog pictures!

Hope you all who celebrate have a Happy Easter!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Time For Some New Things

I have been fighting a stinking cold for what seems like forever now. Does this make you make all fuzzy headed? I can't seem to keep up some days. :P I will be so glad when this is over so I can think like a normal person again. At least today, I can breathe freely. YAY!!

This is one of my new things. My snail dishcloth. It's going on the Dishing Knit Out site. I thought she turned out pretty cute.

And my little chick who will also be there. I'm trying to get new designs charted up and done. It has been so long. I've really neglected that site.

This is my newest venture. My friend Shirl has done a few KALs to help out in one of our groups while the owner was sick. Now that she's feeling better....I thought it would be a nice surprise to set up a dishcloth KAL group for her. She's so sweet and really enjoys doing the KALs. So, if anyone is interested....come on over to Shirley's Knitting Knook and join us for some friendly chat and two KALs a month. Not a lot of rules....just friends hanging out, chatting and knitting. We'd sure love to have you. You can also leave me a comment (or Froggie...she's gonna be there too of course) and we'll send you an invite. It's gonna be pretty lonely without our friends there to hang out with us.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Horses, Rain & Socks

We've had another gloomy day. It was mostly just cloudy and windy until about 2:30 pm and then the rain poured. It didn't last too awful long and after an afternoon walk more complaining about the rain. I have some shrubs that were given to me last year by Froggie. She and I both were pretty convinced that they were dead. I watered them profusely but they just sat there all dried out and pitiful. Ms Thang and I were walking around outside and I just glanced over at the shrubs to check them out.....pretty green is growing down on the inside of them near the roots. I was so excited! They live!!!! When we have a warmer day....I'll go out and cut all the dead, brown stuff off so the new growth can take over. YAY SHRUBS!!!

The main reason for our walk was to go next door to see the horses. Our neighbors have two of the sweetest horses you will ever meet. They were wet and muddy from the rain shower but still cute. This is the youngest fella....his name is Black Jack. I think he was a little disappointed with us since we didn't bring carrots. Sorry...little guy.

Ms Thang here petting both horses. The bigger horse is the mom....her name is April. I was hoping to get a couple of shots of them running and playing but they were more interested in finding out what we were up to. Black Jack did take a minute to go roll around in the mud but then he came right back. We'll try again another day when it's dry and pretty outside and the sun is shining.

A little more progress on the Broadripple Sock was a hit at speech therapy...I knitted while I waited. Several people stopped to comment and not one person seemed shocked. I always knit something while I wait so they just expect it now I guess. If I go without my knitting...that's when they seem surprised. The color in this photo is pretty true...that last one was too yellowish. (that is a word, right?)

Gotta go get back to swatching a new scarf....the original design Froggie and I charted didn't work out with the yarn so I re-charted it with YO's instead of just knit and purl stitches. If all goes well....there may be photos of progress...soon.


Monday, March 17, 2008

Signs Of Spring And Sock Progress

Finally, we have signs of Spring! I've seen some pretty photos on other blogs of flowers and trees with new buds and I look around here...nothing. How depressing. Today, after picking the kids up from school, this is what I found. YAY! I don't know what kind of tree/bush this is but it is so nice to see some flowering going on.

Just a little close-up...still playing with my camera and trying to get more comfortable with using it. I still have so much to learn with this new camera. I haven't had a lot of time to play around with the settings and see what we can do.

Some progress on the Broadripple Socks...turned the heel and now working the gusset. It's funny...the thing that really scared me about socks (turning the heel) is the thing I look forward to the most. It's kinda fun watching the heel take shape...almost magical.
The color is pretty bad in these two photos....I waited until too late in the day to take is really bad.

Here you can see the gusset. I still need more practice picking up stitches but this one looks much better than my first one and I'm pretty sure I don't have any holes this time. At least none that just jump out at ya anyway. lol I love this pattern and this Cascade Fixation is awesome!

Thanks to everyone for your concern and prayers for my Mom. She did get to come home today and she's tired but feeling much better. I had to stay on her case and make sure she rested. I know she's feeling "cooped up" and wants to get back to doing things but she's going to have to take it slow. Your prayers have meant so much and it's such a wonderful feeling to know that so many people care....I can't thank you all enough. BIG HUGS!!!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

I Am Still Alive....Frazzled, But Alive

Wow, I didn't realize it had been THAT long since I posted! Things have been a bit crazy and stressful here lately. Thursday night, my Mom had to go the emergency room....she has COPD and is on oxygen but normally she does really well. She has been fighting a cold (we all have) and after a week of not getting better, she suddenly got worse. My sister took her to the ER and she was admitted to the hospital with pneumonia. She's doing much better today and may even get to come home tomorrow. Thankfully, she has a wonderful doctor who knows what's best for her...despite everything she says. lol

Yesterday was a day of storms and tornadoes. This is what it looked like during the day. It should not be this dark in the daytime. It got a little scary there for a while. We had two that got way too close for comfort. These aren't even the worst of the clouds....I just wasn't going out there in the worst parts taking pictures. :P

I did manage to get some knitting done. I am so glad that yucky "what the heck am I gonna knit" feeling is gone. YAY!!! I really didn't like that at all. This is the Cascade Fixation yarn that Cat sent me...she is my enabler. Okay, I do it to her, too...fair is fair I guess. lol It took me a while to get the hang of it. With the elastic and my tight knitting....we had to do some compromising with each other. My Cascade and I are now really good friends. I LOVE THIS YARN!!! I have to have more!!! Where do I get this stuff!? I am also totally and completely in love with this sock pattern. For a newbie sock knitter to be able to knit something so pretty that looks complicated is just absolutely awesome!!! I cannot wait to finish them and wear them and tell everybody I see (even if they could not care less) I MADE THESE!!! I highly recommend the Broadripple Socks . Until something better comes along...if that's even possible.....these are my favorites. I should probably wait until I actually put them on to say that but how can they not be awesome? For any other newbie sock knitters....try this's so easy you won't believe you're knitting such beautiful socks. Believe me...I am all about the quick and easy. lol

Sorry I took so long to post again. Life gets all have been there. And if anyone doesn't already know....the new spring issue of Knitty is out! Check it out!


Thursday, March 13, 2008

Thanks, Cat!

I got my issue of Simply Knitting today! I live in a town that has no Barnes & Noble crazy is that? This means I can't get my hands on this awesome magazine. Lucky for me...Cat (who told me about this magazine in the first place) worked out a little system for me to be able to get it. This issue has a gorgeous free shawl pattern (Hearts & Flowers) and an easy little sock pattern that I'm itching to try. I also love the Sweet Cupid by Alan Dart. He has some awesome toy patterns and this is the first one of his designs that I've gotten my hands on. The cupid is so cute.

It also had a free set of stitch markers (5 total). She got me the pink ones...YAY!!! They had them in blue but I really wanted the pink. You can't beat free. Besides the awesome patterns and tips...this magazine is notorious for freebies....see why I want it so bad? Not sure when I'll get around to trying any of these patterns though because.....

She also sent me this. Two balls of Cascade Fixation and a sock pattern to go with it. I don't know the name of this colorway but it's so pretty. I cannot wait to try these socks. They look complicated but the designer promises them to be "deceptively simple". I sure hope he's right.
The pattern is Broadripple Socks designed by Rob Matyska.

Here's a close-up for ya. I've heard about this yarn but had never seen to say that I think I'm gonna love it. It's not the tiny little thin sock yarn that terrifies me so much. Size 3 needles...I can handle that. The colors are perfect for Spring. I'm thinking these will be OTN pretty soon.

Thanks again, Cat! Your contest goodies rock! I so appreciate you doing my magazine shopping for me. :P

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I Refuse To Not Knit!

Things didn't work out so well with the bag pattern I originally intended to knit. I lost count of the number of times that I frogged and re-started and frogged and..... So, I decided that this yarn is kinda getting himself a little attitude going. Excuse me, Mr Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick, but do you realize who you are messing with here? I may be small but I sure as heck ain't gonna be intimidated by some chunky yarn. Puh-leeeeeezzzz. Off to Ravelry I went in search of a different pattern which I could use to whoop his butt.

That pattern would be Purl McBigBottom by The Crochet Dude. Mine is a little smaller than the one in the pattern photo but still a pretty good size for a bag AND.....we are totally kicking Mr Wool-Ease Thick & Quick's behind!!! Of course I'll do a little "tweaking" to it somehow but mostly "by the pattern". It's knitting up pretty quick and that's a good thing....I so need that right now. I'll keep you posted. This could end up being a good one for the Christmas gift box.

This is hopefully going to be my next victim. Froggie and I both got a hank in different colors and our plan was to knit ourselves a scarf. We played around with a design today and would like to get it cast on tomorrow...imagine that, knitting for ourselves. As long as I don't go playing around with what we charted already...tomorrow shouldn't be a problem. I have a couple of different ideas floating around my head as I type...maybe I'll chart them up and get her opinion tomorrow. We'll pick one and cast on while we wait for the kids to get out of school.

* Just wanted to say "THANKS!" to everyone for the awesome encouragement you've given me lately....You are all such awesome friends and I don't know what I'd do without you! Massive HUGS...I <3 You All!!!!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Now What?

So I'm having the strangest feeling right now...what the heck do I knit?! I know I've got to get my Icelandic Shawl going again but I have to wait for some quiet time for mind is totally blank. Now that I don't have anything else scheduled or waiting OTN...I just can't seem to figure out what to do. This is such a weird feeling for me since normally there's a huge list of things screaming my name. I did go get the pattern for the bag we just did as a KAL in the ILoveKandCAlongs group. It's a super cute bag with knitting needles for the handles. I've got it started but I'm not sure I like the yarn and may frog and switch yarns. I'll do a few more pattern repeats before I decide. You can see it here....Knitting Needle Knitting Bag .

Sorry for the short post...between my knitting issues and my sick little nephew, Major's been a heck of a day. The little fella is really feeling yucky and it's hard to see them suffer and not be able to make it all better. His Mommy took him to the Doctor this morning and he started some meds right away so we hope tomorrow he will feel at least a little better.

*maybe this would be a good time to start another pair of socks*

Just a little update....I frogged the bag already. I was using a pretty bulky yarn and that thing was turning into a suitcase sized bag. lol Maybe I'll try it with a bit fewer stitches or just another yarn all together. I gotta get it together here. :P

Sunday, March 9, 2008

It's Sunday Already!?

I can't believe the entire weekend is gone already. I have no idea where it went or where I was while this was happening. I survived it though so I guess I can't complain. The baby shower went well and my cousin loved the blanket and the teddy bear. She was more surprised that I made the bear...she had a clue already that the blanket was coming. I'm so thankful that I have family who appreciate a handmade gift. She had the blanket in her lap for a while and whenever someone new came in...she would take it out and show them and tell them that I made it. It made all the struggle with that dang yarn seem worth it. The photo shows most of the things I gave her...all handmade except for the outfit. I tried to con her into believing I made that too but she wasn't buying that. lol Worth a try. :P I put these in a laundry sized wicker basket along with some baby wash, powder, shampoo...that sort of thing and used the blanket to cover everything. She was really happy with it.

I feel like a major weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Whew....loved doing it for her but glad it's over. A friend of hers asked me about making her a blanket (for pay) but I just don't think I want or need to get into that right now. I have a shawl to get busy on and I need some time to relax and get focused again. I can't even remember what I wanted to knit next.

Off to relax and do absolutely nothing. *yeah, right*


Saturday, March 8, 2008

Jazzy Bear Is Ready To Go

I decided to make another of the Jean Greenhowe bears to go with "The Fuzzy Pink Baby Blanket That Never Grows". These bears are so quick to knit so I knew getting him done would be no problem. This one I knitted with Bernat Berella "4" on US Size 8 needles. He's about 9" tall and perfect for baby sized hugs. All I have to do now is make this darn blanket grow a little more and I am done. Either way...I'm done tomorrow....the shower is at 4:00 pm.

I broke down and went to the crochet class today. It wasn't exactly what I expected but I did learn some tricks I would never have learned on my own. Kelsey taught the class and she is so sweet and so patient. I know that if I needed extra help...she would take a moment to point me in the right direction. We left with a scarf pattern and I hope when I get some things done...I can give it a try. She did take a minute to show me a little about making granny squares. If I can ever get the hang of that one thing...I think I'll be satisfied. I could make them to donate or put them together myself and donate the blanket or afghan. Then again, being able to crochet a baby blanket would sure help me out a lot in the near future. I just need to try to fit in some time to practice what I learned today and then go from there.

I took my double points that I purchased not so long ago back (one of them broke the first time I used them). Margaret (my LYS owner) graciously took them back and let me get different ones. I settled on a set of "addi" premium US #2/3.00mm and these are (I think) bamboo. The ones I returned were made of birch....very thin and fragile. I think I'm going to like these much better...I sure hope so cuz they were even more expensive. :P

Okay...back to the blanket. Hugs!!!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Goodbye Duck....Hello Turkey

It's been a rather sad day for lilduckie...he has to say Goodbye to Spike. Spike will be on his way to his new home tomorrow. Christopher's birthday is Sunday so Froggie will take Spike home and hide him away until her little one goes to sleep Saturday night and then...she's going to sneak in later and put Spike on his pillow so he finds him when he wakes up. I can't wait to find out if they bond. *sigh*

Progress photo of "The Fuzzy Pink Baby Blanket That Never Grows". It has grown...finally. I've decided that I will knit on it off and on until Saturday morning and then cast off. It will be whatever size that happens to be. I found out the shower isn't until Sunday so I may even knit on until Sunday morning. We'll see how it goes.

And the turkey... Being a Southern girl...I do love me some turkey and sage dressing but it never fails that the dressing is gone long before the turkey so what to do? Make turkey salad. Don't get me wrong, I love my chicken salad sandwiches but if you've never tried it with don't know what you're missing. Once you get the turkey all chopped up to your's quick and easy from there. Add what you like in the amount that makes you happy and get to fixing some sandwiches. Good me.

*Oh, the texture cloth is the Diagonal Ripple Dishcloth . Thanks to hakucho for spotting it right away. She pointed me to it so I got to finish mine early. :)


Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Thunder Rolls....

Not a lot of knitting news today. I mainly tried to focus on "The Fluffy Pink Baby Blankie That Never Grows". I got three skeins to do this blanket and I am ready to start on skein #3 but it seems like I'm never gonna get to the end. And it's not as big as I think it should be at this point. I have decided that the next baby blanket will NOT be done with this yarn. (Red Heart Baby Clouds) It's pretty but.....GRRRRRRRRRR!!

Mother Nature was in rare form today. The morning started out like this. It rained off and on all day but when it was was pouring. We were also under a tornado watch until around 6:45 pm. I am sooo glad the tornados didn't rear their ugly heads. I hope there wasn't much damage anywhere else. I haven't heard the latest news yet.

This photo was taken this afternoon...around 6:00 pm. The sun peeked out a few times just briefly but most of our day today was spent looking like "almost dark thirty". It's really messed my time up today.

I got this one in one of those rare and fleeting moments when the sun did come it was going down. Too little, too late. The photo is a lot darker than it looked out but I love the dramatic clouds. Seriously though...scary stuff hanging around here today. It's over and gone...thank goodness. Let's hope for some sunshine and calm weather tomorrow...for everybody.


Monday, March 3, 2008

It's Monday....:P

I know...I complain about having so much OTN and what do I do? Go and start another KAL. My stack of dishcloths was almost depleted with Christmas gift giving and I gotta get it built back up. Since you only get a few rows a day, it really doesn't take that much time away from everything else. It's a good little break from the baby blanket, too. I don't know the name of the design or the designer yet since the KAL isn't over yet but as soon as I find out...I will pass along the praise.

Here's a close-up for you so you can see the awesome texture of this cloth. I really like this one. All the switching from knit to purl is heck on my carpal tunnel but it's going to be worth effort I'm sure. *you can click the photos to get up close and personal*

Back to my stack of UFO's and don't forget to go visit Aunt Kathy and check out her month long blog contest. She has such fun contests. :)


Sunday, March 2, 2008

Long Weekend

Major Cuteness looks better doing it but this is how I'm feeling right now. It seems like it's been the longest weekend ever. I'm knitting my fingers off trying to get my baby things ready. The baby shower is next Saturday but I'm more concerned with her going into labor early and not having the baby's knitting done. I got a few more cloths done and I'm probably 2/3 of the way done with her blanket. It's not so bad really....I just hate feeling rushed. I really wanted to have a teddy bear done for her too but I don't know if that's going to happen. I guess if I give her that later it won't be so big a deal since the baby won't be ready to play with him for a while.

I don't have to frog the Icelandic Shawl...thank goodness! I haven't had a chance to do any knitting on it though with the baby deadline. You're all going to be shocked though when I get it done...cuz I will!

Short post since I'm so tired and I'm heading off to bed. Hugs!!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

I'm Back With My Little Friend.

Well since blogging was forbidden yesterday...I had to shut up and sit on my hands. It was surprisingly hard to NOT blog. Whew...glad that's over! Here's lilduckie's little brother done and ready for birthday gifting. His name is "Spike". Froggie suggested the hair and I thought it was a cute idea....turns out that it is kinda cute. It also makes him a one-of-a-kind duckie. For him I used a piece of yarn on his bow...didn't think ribbon was quite appropriate for a little boy.

Skaterboy helped me out with my leap day photo that I posted on my photo blog and was going to use here too but...refer to the No Blog rule. It took a lot of tries to get this one right and I know he had to be tired when we finally got it but he's a trooper and it was worth the effort.

I've been planning on using tomorrow to catch up on my Icelandic Shawl since I used the wrong gray...DUH. Now, I am seriously considering frogging the whole thing and starting over from scratch. I'm hoping someone will slap me to my senses and stop me from doing this. lol
There's a lot of talk about the pattern lining up right and to be honest...I don't know if mine is lined up or not or even how to know for sure. I've never done anything of this size before or one so complicated.

For now, it's back to the baby cloths. My cousin is on bed rest and I gotta hurry!