Friday, May 30, 2008

A Long Week....

I think it must be the excitement of the end of school are busy with end of year stuff and everyone is making plans for the summer....makes the last weeks of school just seem to drag along.

We spent Memorial Day at my sister's house enjoying the pool and my BIL's awesome grilling. He can grill up some seriously good food! Ms Thang's photo pretty much sums up their feelings about summer vacation.

Then we had field day at her school. It was more like "Field Morning" this year. It was over well before lunch which is not typical of the past years. I have no idea why the change but she wanted to hang out at school with her friends rather than leave early. Some of her friends won't be going to the same school with her next year so these are the last few days they will have to see each other.

This is actually after the event was over....they were racing back to the starting point to join back up with the class. Can you believe it was COLD that morning?! I'm so glad we decided on jeans and added the thermal shirt underneath. (I figured if she got hot later...the thermal could be taken off) The kids with just the t-shirts and shorts were freezing. We even had a blanket to cover up with. By afternoon it was sunny and hot....weird weather for May.

This is the latest bag...changed up a little more. Ms Thang gave her bag to her BFF at school. BFF wanted one after seeing the teachers' bags so Ms Thang gave her the one she had. She liked this one better anyway. Now I have two more to make before I can continue with ours...AGAIN. Two of her friends asked me to make them one...both little boys which I thought was strange. When I questioned them....they both said they wanted to give one to their Moms. can you say No to that? They both are very sweet and so protective of my daughter. It's like she has two big brothers with her at school every day so I thought it was the least I could do to say Thanks. They requested their Moms' favorite colors...both pink with blue on one. Now, I just need them finished before next Wednesday. :P

In awesome goodies news....another awesome parcel came from South Africa. Shirl sent these yummy yarns and candy for our tasting enjoyment. I'm talking lots of candy....Jelly Tots, Smarties, Sour Jelly Tots, Sour Bones and the absolute most delicious chocolate ever!! I would have posted photos of the candy but the packages didn't last long....we ripped right into that stuff. Most of them are now in Ziploc bags. lol Well, except for the chocolate which has been entirely consumed. Thanks so much, Shirl and George, too!! We love you!

Off to get this bag off the needles to start the bags for the boys.


Thursday, May 22, 2008

What A Deal!!

Froggie and I ran out to do a quick yarn crawl and we really lucked out today!! We hit the local Hobby Lobby to check out the variety of variegated acrylics....our timing could not have been better!

I got all this yarn for $6 and some change! The most expensive skein was 99 cents. Most were 79 was 49 cents and then the two smaller ones were only 26 cents. Yes, I am addicted to these dang bags and there will be lots more of them to come. I have no idea what I'll do with two smaller skeins (sport yarn)'ll probably sit in my stash for who knows how long.

I know what you're thinking...Omg...more bags. (insert a groan and eye roll) This is my teacher bag #1. It's actually for her interpreter and they all chose their own colors. This one is Red Heart Super Saver in Earth & Sky. I like these colors myself...hopefully she will too.

The teacher's assistant chose these colors...well, she actually picked red, yellow and orange but this is the closest thing I could find. It has her colors but some pink and purple shades as well. I used Red Heart Super Saver in Sunshine Print.

And last but not least....her teacher's bag. Her choice was red and white. I couldn't find anything with just red and white so this is, again, the closest I could find. I like the striping effect. This yarn is Red Heart Strata in Passion.

I know you're all probably sick to death of these sorry but I'm addicted. Of course I am now knitting with band-aids on two fingers...they are so sore from pushing the tip of the needle. lol

I gotta find something else to knit between one test knit to do but that won't take long so I really need something else too. Good excuse to go on Ravelry. :P


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tuesday Stuff

Just a quick post about my contest goodies. Nancy has started another group on Yahoo. This one is a little different. Hooks n Needles is a crafty group....knitting, crochet, sewing, quilting, cross stitch, plastic get the idea. So far, she's doing great! I really like that the KALs aren't strictly dishcloths. Our first KAL was the Pocketbook Slippers from Alli. It's a nice friendly group and pretty relaxed. Mary and I guessed correctly what the KAL was so we won some nice goodies....I got a nice pair of the slippers (that I've already worn...very comfy) and a KnitSimple magazine (my first one) and an awesome bag. This is a huge bag! I could fit so much stuff in this bag. Thanks, Nancy! She gives awesome prizes!

Got some more rain here today...not a lot but just enough to cool things off a bit. Not that it was really hot to begin with. It's a cool 80 degrees now with a nice breeze blowing. Maggie and I spent some time outside this afternoon before the rain started just running around playing. Unfortunately, she sniffed around and found herself an ants no less. Her little paws and snout were covered in a matter of seconds. Luckily, Ms Thang saw it ASAP and grabbed her up and brought her to me. I got all the nasty buggers off and she was fine and raring to go again. I think she actually wanted to go back to the anthill. She must be a glutton for punishment. I didn't let her....those things are vicious! My sister gave her a little plastic ball and she's a very happy camper now.(except for knocking over the water bowl playing with it)

I almost forgot to show you the other new babies. Three new kitties. They're really cute and man can they get around! They've been eating solid food already and they are so funny to watch out there playing. Time to find them some good homes now while they're all cute and irresistible. :P

Back to the bags!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Good Week Or Bad Week.....

Yesterday was a dreary kinda day....cloudy and the wind blowing...sometimes coming in such strong gusts that it repeatedly re-arranged the chairs on the deck. Then comes the dark clouds and rain and I'm thinking....this is NOT the way I want my week to start out.

The clouds finally started rolling out and we really need the rain so I shouldn't complain. The clouds do make for some pretty cool photos too. Like I said.....I so do not want a week that goes like this.

I'm seriously hoping the rainbow that followed is a MUCH better sign for the week ahead. I wish I could have gotten a better photo but the light was crappy and this is as good as I could I was standing in the yard under an umbrella taking this photo in the rain. The rain started back just as I saw the rainbow. I guess it can't decide what kind of week I'm having just yet....that's normal....chaos as usual. lol

A quick knitting catch-up....this is the bag for my neighbor's daughter. Her favorite colors. Mom assured me that she will love it since she wasn't home to see it yet. It was done in Sugar & and red.

This is teacher bag #1. Again, her choice of colors. This one (as well as the other two teacher bags to come) was done in acrylic and I'm just gonna say it.....I HIGHLY recommend using acrylic for these bags. It's low maintenance, knits quickly and won't break the bank...not to mention the unlimited colors available in acrylic. This one is done in Red Heart Super Saver...color is Earth & Sky. I finished this one over the weekend so I'm thinking if I really buckle down...I can have all three done by the end of the week. I did just a bit of pattern adjusting for this yarn....cast on 34 stitches instead of the 44 on the pattern and used a US Size 7 needle for the bottom (US Sz 5 on pattern). I knit the body of the bag on the US Sz 10.5 just as the pattern calls for. It's a good size...not too big and the acrylic has so much more stretch than the cotton. Then it's back to finishing up the bags for us. I've lost count on how many...wondering if there will ever be a last one. :P

Back to bag #2...hope you're all doing great!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Green Day....

No, I really didn't forget how to blog...honest! It's been kinda crazy here with the new "baby" and the end of school testing and the knitting get the picture. lol I thought it was time (past time) for a quick update. Maggie is doing great! She's such a good puppy. Aside from the chewing (what puppy doesn't) there hasn't been any real problems. She'll outgrow that in time...I'm sure some stuff won't survive but it's just stuff anyway.

This is bag #4. I used the Knit Picks - Mary's Summer Bag pattern again. This one is knitted in Sugar & Cream Hot Green and (not 100% sure) Limeade. I love this pattern and I will probably use it again but for now I'm switching back to the Everlasting Bagstopper just for the quickness and ease of pattern. I've finished bag #5 for my neighbor's daughter (post photo later) and now it's on to the next three which are gifts for Ms Thang's teachers. I have my yarn and will be casting on ASAP. I am NEVER gonna get all of ours done before pool time gets here. lol

This little fella was given to me several years ago by my brother-in-law. He got it from a co-worker I believe who told him it was a Jacob's Ladder plant. I hadn't given the plant that much thought...he thrives with little attention and we're cool with that. I had tried looking it up online a time or two but had no luck finding anything that even remotely resembled this guy. So, I enlisted the help of my "plant go-to" person, Shirl who pointed me in the right direction.

This is a Selenicereus anthonyanus (stop laughing at the name and OMG that window needs cleaning!!) or Cryptocereus anthonyanus aka Zig Zag Cactus, Rick Rack Cactus or Fishbone Cactus. Finally, I know what to do with him and what all those little "feelers" are for. If anyone has one and has any advice, please, please share the knowledge! I did get some info that should help out but I'm always open to suggestions. If anyone is curious... Tropical Treasures - just scroll down to the vining plants and he's there. I don't want to bore everyone with all the details.

That's all the "green" I have today....gotta get back to the needles and get these teacher's gifts done. I have until June 4....not really that big of a rush but stuff always comes up so better safe than sorry. Hope everyone has been well and knitting!


Monday, May 12, 2008

She's Home!!! Meet Maggie...

Monday finally came and we got to go pick up our new baby. She's still pretty groggy from her surgery today but the tail wags just the same. We decided to name her Maggie...isn't she a cutie?

This is about as alert as she gets today....notice the droopy eyes. lol She's being a real sweetheart though and handling it very well. She loves the attention but she's just lying around and taking it easy today...Doctor's orders.

Here she is with "Ms Thang" on her new blankie. A doggie has to have her own stuff. They're getting along great.

This is what she looks like most of the time...not always with the behind in the air. lol I won't bore you with too many least not until she's awake and looking cuter. We're pretty lucky to have her and the local Animal Shelter is great...super nice people and they really care about the animals. She got a bye kiss when we left but I think she's gonna love her new home. I know we love her already.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Prom Photos 2008

Saturday was my oldest daughter's prom. She choose to go with an a really good friend Matthew. He's a super nice guy and I'm glad they went together. I thought I would share some of the photos I took before they went....yeah, I have to brag. I know she's my daughter but really....she is absolutely beautiful. You'll see what I mean. *Megan...I love you and I'm so proud of youl!*

Happy Mother's Day!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Our Beautiful Baby

After I picked the kids up from school today...I decided to stop back by the Animal Shelter and visit our baby again. The kids weren't with me yesterday when I picked her out so I wanted them to meet her. It's going to seem like forever until Monday when she gets to come home....they were so excited to see her. Our little one doesn't have a name yet....still thinking on that...she's scheduled to be "fixed" on Monday morning and Monday's off to her new home. She's a German Shepherd/Husky Mix and about 3 months old. I had to get some better photos so I could share the cuteness with you. Those sleeping pictures just didn't do her justice. So, here you are.........

Look at that face!

She didn't seem to mind anything we did....passing her around for snuggling....twisting and turning for photos....she really seems to have a calm, gentle nature.

Nothing like rescuing a puppy to make you feel good. It wasn't hard to pick one...she choose me...the hard part now....picking the perfect name. You'll be the first to know.

*still knitting on my green pool bag and adding to my list of colors I need....neighbors daughter has to have one!!*


Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Airplanes And Puppy Dogs

This afternoon there was an awesome air show at our small local airport. We had a visit from The Snowbirds Demonstration Team from Canada. These guys put on a heck of a show.

I only managed to get a few good shots....they move too fast and I'm not a professional photographer AND we just didn't get close enough to the action. The traffic was terrible so we parked at a local church and watched from there.

I didn't get shots of the best stunts unfortunately but I figured I'd share the few decent ones I did get.

Some of the stunts were pretty scary looking and some were pretty low to the ground.'s amazing the precision and the level of trust these guys must have.

Now on to the puppy portion of this post. My husband and I separated almost a year ago...ugly tale...not worth repeating. We had a dog (lab/beagle mix) that stayed here when he left. He decided recently that he "needed" to get the dog. He was a pretty big fella and more than I could control if he got loose in the neighborhood so I agreed. I have since regretted this stupid decision and realized just how deeply loosing him has affected me...and the kids as well. Well, thanks to a guardian I went on a mission to find a new baby. I went to the local shelter and was the first one in the door when they opened only to find that the baby I was looking for had already been adopted out. :( I looked around (so many little cuties there) and couldn't decide so I left and went to Pet Smart....nothing but dang old kitties there. Feeling a little let down, I went back to the shelter one more time. I took out lots of puppies one by one and checked them out...chatted with them a bit *yeah, I'm crazy like that* and this little lady just melted my heart. She was not at all what I was looking for but she was exactly what I wanted. We chatted and played and then I went to handle the adopting. I asked if I could snap a quick photo to show the kids and they said "SURE!" I guess she figured since she had worked her magic and was going to her new home soon...she didn't need to do any more of that cutesy stuff. She was napping away.
She has her surgery done on Monday morning and then she can come home with us on Monday afternoon. We're all so excited!! I know she looks like a drunk in this photo but really...she's a gorgeous little girl. More photos to come when she gets home. :)


Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Summer Bag And A New Book

With all this bag knitting...I thought I would change it up a little and try a new pattern. I have so many more to knit and I don't want to get bored with it before I get them all done. So....

I decided to give this one a try. This is Mary's Summer Bag from Knit Picks. I love this pattern as much/if not more than the Everlasting Bagstopper from Knitty. It only takes two balls of cotton. I used Sugar & Cream in Sea Mist and a co-ordinating blue.

I admit that I'm not particularly thrilled with the top part (ruffle) or the little twisted cord handle. I prefer a handle with a little more bulk to it...much easier to hold on to. I've already started another one in shades of green and white and this one I will tweak when I reach the top. Maybe I'll do something a little more similar to the Everlasting Bagstopper with the top...we'll see when I get that far.

I got this in the mail yesterday. I love Vickie Howell...she's so talented and so much fun to watch...although Knitty Gritty isn't available here anymore. :( I started watching it when I was teaching myself to knit and I learned so much from this show. This is her new book and it's the perfect size to fit in your take-along bag with your knitting. It's got tons of useful info, tips and even a sheet of knitter's graph paper that you can make copies of to use for your projects. The back has a handy little tool for checking your needle size and your gauge. It's definitely worth the whole $7.95. Great price for a handy, helpful little book.

The bonus....I snagged an autographed copy. How cool is that!?

Back to my next bag....pool time will be here soon and I gotta get these things done. *mental note to self- go get black yarn for bags* For the boys...they don't want those girly colors....YUCK! lol


Monday, May 5, 2008

Sharing The Blog Fuel

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Come on...who doesn't love Dunkin' Donuts, right!?

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Just Relaxing Today For A Change

I finally got some personal issues taken care of that were really stressing me out. I took today to relax and enjoy myself. I got pretty much caught up on my emails and groups and actually got some knitting time in...YAY!!

I started this bag a few days ago and I'm on the last part of the top...almost finished. I think I like this one even better than the Everlasting Bagstopper. I had some issues with the top so I will most likely be making a few changes on the next one. It has only taken 2 small balls of cotton to do this bag...I really thought it would take more. This one is Mary's Summer Bag from Knit Picks . It's also a pretty quick knit once you get the bottom done and start on the sides.
Not sure yet how I'll modify the top but I'll work it out. I used Sugar & Cream in Sea Mist and a matching blue *not sure of the name*.

This little guy I knit today. This is Bubbles With Fins and he's a design by Susan Mrenna. His fins are an addition done by Alli. I think these two awesome designers made a great team with this little fella. He's cute with or without fins. He was knitted with Sugar & Cream in Beach Ball Blue. I'm going to make some for my kids to use as coasters....that's my plan, doesn't mean they'll ever actually use them. ;p

Cat is having a contest. She needs some help/suggestions/advice on getting organized. Hop over and check it out and see if you have any ideas that might help her out. Tell her I sent ya. Knowing Cat...the prize will be awesome...she's good like that!