Saturday, December 20, 2008

Playing Catch Up...

I'm sort of back among the living again. Today I feel a little better after fighting a nasty stomach virus. I originally planned this to post yesterday but was interrupted when the youngest started her round of this dang "bug". She was up and down all night with a sick tummy and now my youngest son is putting in his time. Bless their little hearts. I was really hoping it would pass them by. So far, the oldest two are the only ones not affected. I sure hope this is over soon.

On a brighter's a few of the things I've actually managed to finish during my absence from blogging.

There's actually two of these little bags for some little girls in the family but I don't have a photo of the other one yet...same thing, just different colors. This was done with the pattern Ceron form Toggle Knits. Super quick knit and so easy. Always a good thing. :)

This is the Knitted Snake Puppet Scarf which I think is only available as a Ravelry purchase. It's a pretty easy pattern but I had to think a bit when I was seaming the mouth worked out so it's a safe one for all us blond knitters. If I figured it out...anybody can. :P This is a gift for my little cousin...hopefully he will like it.

This set was done for the newest little cousin. She is about 9 months old now and so cute. I used a vintage pattern for the mittens that can be found here . The hat pattern I used the Cable Baby Beanie from Sweater Babe. I should have done a little pair of cable booties and then it would really have been an awesome set. :P

This is Officer Lemon. He was a gift for the Resource Officer at my youngest daughter's school. He's good at his job and the kids all love him. His last name is Lemmons so the kids naturally decided to call him Lemon...what better gift could we have made for him? lol According the the daughter...he thought it was cute and liked it very much.

These next two scarves I whipped up for a project a friend is doing....The Bridge Project . Sandy is a sweet person and she invited me to join the Ravelry group so I had to get a couple sent to her ASAP. These things will go towards helping a group of homeless people (mostly men) who live under a bridge in Central Ohio. It gets so much colder up north than it does down here in the South and I hate to think of these people with nothing to help keep them warm.

This is my favorite of the was done with Lion Brand Thick & Quick in Butterscotch. I used the Scrunchable Scarf pattern which has now become a favorite pattern. It's almost mindless and with this bulky, does it knit up fast! I'm pretty sure there will be more of these in the future. I wasn't too sure how it would look in the bulky yarn but this was a really nice surprise.

The next one I just cast on and knit until I ran out of yarn. This is Lion Brand Home Spun. I bought this so long ago and was planning to knit a little lapghan but just never got around to it. Since Sandy asked for mostly manly colors...this was the first thing I grabbed out of the stash. It also turned out to be a nice surprise. I wouldn't have thought to use it for a scarf but it is soooo soft and squishy. Hopefully they'll both help keep someone warm during these cold winter months.

If any of you have any scarves, hats, mittens or gloves stashed away with no intended purpose or just have a little time to whip out something....knit or crochet...think about Sandy and The Bridge Project. The goal is 100 of each item. She has counters on the blog to keep us updated on how things are going.

I'll try to get back soon and catch you up on what's been happening in our neck of the woods. Hope everyone is well and the "bugs" stay away from you all. For all of you who are getting snowed under....remember we take all the snow donations you want to blow down this way. It had been crazy weather lately.....last few days in the 70's! By Monday....back down to the 40's. You never know how to dress. :P

Stay safe and lots of hugs to you!!


TheAngelForever said...

Glad to hear that you are feeling better. Sorry that your kiddos caught it. Hopefully everyone will be germ free before you know it.

Amazing knitting as always. I love the snake scarf. I believe once things settle down here I will be looking that pattern up on Ravelry.

Happy holidays to you and your family :)

Wendy said...

Well HELLO my friend.......sure have missed ya.William and I had a little tummy bug, ours was the other way and he is still getting over his....I hope it leaves your house soon....LOVE the projects. and the hat and mittens for the baby are just too adorable..I have some scarves here that I would love to get to Sandy, but no postage right now....maybe I can in the next month, the cold lasts here and here it is just the first day of winter and we have been slammed already...I have put in my shipment of snow...I will keep doing so, I am more than done with it already...and here they are calling for even more on Christmas Eve, we are already guaranteed a white Christmas...I don't want anymore....
Take care..........

Mandi (a.k.a MissMandiGirl) said...

You go girl!! Look at all the knitting your getting done!!! Wonderful!!!

Toggle said...


Tea said...

Ah, there you are, and look at all the knitting you've finished! I love the little baby set! So cute.

All the scarves look warm and toasty. (I'm scared of snake, but it is cute.) I'm sure they'll be much appreciated.

Those bugs sound awful, but I'm glad you're all much better now.

Hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas! :)

Briley said...

Melanie, I am so glad you are back to blogging. I missed your last post somehow, and I've been wissing you. Glad to hear you are feeling better, I hope the kids don't suffer too much.

The knitting looks great. I especially love officer lemon!

hakucho said...

I can so relate to your stomach bug really took a lot out of all of us :) Glad that we all got it and now can move on and stay healthy :)

Love all your knits, but Officer Lemon is adorable. What a great thoughtful gift...I bet Officer Lemmons was very impressed :)