Friday, December 5, 2008


Hello, hello!!! Didja miss me? :) I won't go into all the yucky details...Mom was sick again and in the hospital but she's doing so much better now and things are getting more normal. It just had me really worried and at my wit's end with the holidays coming up too. But, not to can't keep us knitter's down for long.

I have some new designs that I'll be posting for free as I get back into my blogging. I have to get them all sorted out...lost my place and need to get it all organized. I hate when things get crazy!

I have been knitting amid the to get photos of everything and get them posted too. I just finished a baby blankie for my sister to give to a friend at work. She picked it up this morning and I realized after she left...I didn't get a photo! :P Oh well, it's just a blue version of the previous pink blankie with the horrible to knit with Baby Clouds. Man, am I glad that is over. lol

This is the cowl I finally finished. I cast on so many different ones and just couldn't find "the one". This one is written to be knit in the round but I did it flat and seamed it since that seemed to go faster for me. Sadly, I don't know the colorway of this's some I had left over from a long time ago. I'm pretty sure it's Lion Brand Wool Ease.

The pattern actually shows up really well but with my blurry's hard to tell. I used the Seaweed Cowl by Elizabeth Blake. (Rav link) I love this cowl!! It's reversible and looks nice on either side. I tried to link to the blog for those non-Ravelers but the site isn't available right now.

I have made nice progress with my Christmas knitting....hope to post photos soon...they don't read the blog so it's safe. :P I also have an alligator scarf OTN and may cast on another cowl of some kind soon.

I just had my cell phone upgraded and added texting so my oldest daughter is teaching an old dog new tricks. I think I have the hang of it but I have no clue about all the text lingo...she has a lot of work to do. lol I'm trying to figure out how to operate all the little features of the phone...oldest daughter says she can't even figure that out so I think I'm in trouble. :P

I had an awesome day yesterday out thrift store hopping with Froggie. We even hit the towns around us for some new finds. We did really well I think. I actually snagged a Coach purse for $3.oo! I couldn't believe it! Then in another store...I found a nice Dooney & Bourke purse for $1.5o! I got some fabric scraps cheap which I think will be great for lining bags or small projects like pin cushions. It was a good day! :)

Well, that's about enough for now. It feels great to be blogging again. I hate that I feel like I've lost touch with my bloggy friends. I haven't commented in so long on other blogs and I miss you all so much. I will be commenting have been warned! :P I hope everyone is having great weather and good luck.

For those who do....please say a prayer for Wendy and her hubby Jack. He is going to be having open heart surgery and they need our prayers and support. She's trying to be strong *which she is* and hold down the fort while they go through this together. Being strong for the sake of family is a hard thing to do and can take a toll on a person....that I can relate please remember them.



Shea said...

Great to hear from you! I was wondering what happened to you. Glad to hear your Mom is doing better. I'll keep Wendy in my prayers!

The cowl looks great, btw. (That's by the way in text speak) :)

I can't believe the Coach bag score. I've been hitting thrift stores lately as well, but I haven't scored any finds like that. Way to go!

kadezmom said...

It's great to see you and I'm off to go put that cowl in my rav queue!

Wendy said...

As I sit here and dry the tears I thank you for thinking of us...and asking for more prayers...I think at the moment I have found my breaking point...I got the decorations out, but could not do anything else...I am soooo tired and ust a little bit crabby...SO I have decided to get in bed, check my emails and blogs and then call it a night, and start fresh tomorrow....we will have ALL day to do the tree and other things. I will get pictures and post them when we are done...

Aunt Kathy said...

Ahh there's my lil knitter.

So glad to hear your mom is doing better. I'd be lost without my mom for sure.

I'm with you I have a few new designs I haven't posted up yet. Haven't felt like test knitting them. {{{sigh}}}

Carol said...

Yes I missed you... glad to hear your mom is feeling better. Love the cowl! :)

Tea said...

What a nice surprise to hear from you! We sure did miss you. (I think you're probably the only blogger who appreciates my dry, southern humor, so it's been like I was alone on an
Sorry to hear your mom has been ill, but glad to know she is better. :)

The cowl looks great! And you really did find some great bargains. Thrifty indeed!

Keeping Wendy's husband in my prayers. :) Have a great weekend.

amy-lynne......... said...

love the cowl and color you used!
yes you did rack up on pocketbooks, now the only ? of the day ... which to use...decisions decisions... had a blast... looking forward to venturing out again...

Suzanne said...

Nice to see you back. I missed you! Hope your mom is doing much better! I like your knitting projects. I've been a little behind too! :)

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

Well wishes for your mother and I love your cowl and your blog is wonderful did you design it?Hugs Darcy

Sandy said...

Nice cowl. Welcome back. Hope things calm down for you.

Swing by for a visit, I'll leave the light on.


Mandi (a.k.a MissMandiGirl) said...

I feel like I've been a terrible friend to you and I do miss keeping in touch with you so much!! I'm slowly getting back into the swing of blogging and commenting, Your cowl looks great and I miss you, I hope your Mom is well.

Christy said...

Was wondering where you've been--I'm glad your mom is doing better.

Sandy said...

HUGS....your scarfs came, there are awesome! Thanks bunches. I've photographed and loaded the picture on the blog, and updated our numbers.

Stay warm and have a great wkend.