Wednesday, September 26, 2007

My Can Cozy....No You Can't Have

This is my cute little can cozy....yeah, I actually got to keep this one. I knit my nephew a cup cozy (didn't get a photo before he left for the beach) for his sippy cups. His was done flat and seamed up the side. It had no bottom...just slips on and off the cup easily. He took it to the beach and my sister called to say she has been stopped several times by people who wanted to know what it was and where she got it. One lady who is a fellow knitter told my nephew that he was obviously loved very much since it was made for him to keep his little hands from getting cold. Anyway, after doing his I got to thinking about making some with bottoms in them. I cast on...knitted a little...frogged....cast on again. This is the end result. I like this one better for the big "kids" but it takes so much longer to knit than the ones that just slip on. It is so worth the effort though. I have been using it since I finished it two days ago and I love it. I take it everywhere with me...can't leave my house without a diet pepsi. Well unless I take a Green Tea in which case I will need to knit a cozy for that...another story entirely.

This is the bottom view. At first I thought I made a major error since this is only the second time I have done a bottom decrease this way. It has a little bit of a cone shape to it and I was so disappointed with the point until I slipped it on my can. TA DA!!!! The point pushes up into the little recess in the bottom of your soda can. It fit perfectly! That never happens to me....I was so excited. (Ok so I don't get out much and I'm easily Yesterday I get another phone call from the brother-in-law needs to talk to me she says....keep in mind he's not a big talker...he says..." drink is cold and it makes my hands cold." How's that for a subtle hint. I have another one OTN and I gotta hurry since they are on their way home from the beach as I type. I guess that means I should knitting.


Mandi (a.k.a MissMandiGirl) said...

OMG!! I love this!!! You designed this?? So awesome!!

Melanie said...

Thanks Miss Mandi! I did and it's super easy if you don't mind dp needles. I will work on getting it written up so it makes sense to someone other than me and post it for you.

Tea said...

Wonderful cup holder. You're borned designer.:)

Remember the little people when you're rich and famous from all your fabulous designs..okay? :)

Melanie said...

Thanks Tea...I really needed that sweet comment today.