Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Contest Goodies And Fabric Finds...

Yeah, I'm still here. You didn't think you'd get rid of me that easy did ya? :P We're just dealing with the chaos that is summer vacation but not for much longer. Starting next week, the schools begin to start up again. My little bit of sanity will hopefully be returning before long. The next weeks will be spent gathering supplies and getting haircuts and finding shoes and clothes for everyone. Then....maybe I'll have some time to relax.

These two balls of yarn are part of my "winnings" from Aunt Kathy's contest. I've never used this yarn and I'm looking forward to knitting them up. They are so soft and the colors are aren't doing them justice.

She also sent me these cute sock blockers she made. I love them! I have never even seen a real set of sock blockers in person so this was a real treat. If I ever get those socks done...I now have the blockers to make them look good. Woo Hoo! Thanks so much, AK!

Here are the first of my fabric finds at Hobby Lobby this past week. These are just some remnants they had in a mark-down bin. The flowery one is what I grabbed first. It just screamed "vintage" to me and I have a major obsession with all things vintage so it was definitely coming home with me. I got some plain to go with it so it wouldn't be just the one fabric. I'm just going to be practicing so I don't want to spend a lot of money on fabric until I decide I can make something I'm not ashamed to show. lol

Just a little close-up of my "new vintage" fabric. I just love it!

Here is the other set I grabbed. I love green and I love flowers. This one kinda made me think 70's...hippie chick....I have a little of that in me too. :P I think it was the little sparkles that sold me though.

The photo is a little blurry but you can see the little sparkles well enough. It really is this bright. I'm looking forward to trying out my new apron patterns....DUH! totally forgot to take photos of those! With a little patience and a LOT of luck and a LOT of help from my Mom....these fabrics will become cute aprons.

I'm getting that big set of cloths test knitted's gonna take a while...there are 32 cloths in the set. I can't wait to get them posted and share some photos. I've also joined a group of Dishcloth Designers in putting together a calendar of dishcloth patterns. The calendar sales will be donated to the Breast Cancer Society. I am pretty excited about this since I get to do something for a good cause and in honor of an amazing family member (Marlene) who died from breast cancer. It's an honor to be included with some amazing designers who were my inspiration in getting started and whom I consider to be my friends. These include (I sure hope I don't leave anyone out....Rachel , Alli , Aunt Kathy and I'm pretty sure Rhonda is there too. I'm not sure when the calendars will be ready and available but I'll definitely keep you posted on that. I've already submitted my design and now I just have to go put duct tape on my hands and mouth so I don't spoil the surprise. :P



hakucho said...

I can't believe school is starting up so early for, we still have til the end of August!

Love all your prize winnings and your fabric is awesome. Enjoy :)

Trish said...

Great fabric finds!! Wish we had a Hobby Lobby close by. Don't forget to show us what you whip up with all that loot!

Anonymous said...

The yarn is beautiful! What will you make with it? I love the sock forms. I don't think I've seen anything like that in the stores around here. Congrats for winning, friend. You deserve it!

Briley said...

Wow, school starts so early there!

So, you are finally going to start sewing? Good for you. You'll have a blast.

FYI- the Honeysuckle yarn is actually Peaches & Creme. Honeysuckle is another brand name that Pisgah Yarn and Dying uses, and the only difference in that yarn and the regular P&C that you see at Walmart is the size of the ball.

Cat said...

WOOHOOO Big congrats on the calendar WTG GF!!!!

Wow school already?!? I know I was totally shocked when I noticed school supplies in the stores.

I just love the material, I agree the one definitely reminds me of vintage and the other 70's hippie. I can't wait to see the finished products.


Tea said...

Very cool yarn & twice cool sock blockers! Congrats on the win!

Oh, I love the fabrics!!! You're going to love sewin' little nifty things's faster than knittin' by a country mile. Don't throw stuff at me, but I can't keep mouth shut..givin' advice here (snort)...get a pattern & read them directions a gazillion times..then call me if you need Go Girl! Sewin' rocks.

Aunt Kathy said...

Mel I am so loving the fabrics. I used to have so much and I donated it all to church for the kids to make things and every once in a while I miss having it around.

Hopefully one day I can go bargain shopping and get another supply.

I'm glad you like the prizes, it was my pleasure to send them to you.

Sandy said...

Love the fabrics you found. I've never enjoyed sewing as much knitting or crocheting, and I find it irritating to get things set up and then have to put them away. I've made a few quilts and liked that part of it, but sewing sewing...not high on my list. I wish you good luck in your new adventure.

I like the calendar idea...thats cool.

Have a great wkend.