Thursday, July 31, 2008

Just A Few Goodies...

These are my awesome new dish scrubbies that I received from Wendy. There were actually 4 but one was already being used before the photo taking took place. Thanks so much, Wendy!!! I love them!

Some goodies that I have yet to decide what to do with but I love them just the same. These I got in my Craft Leftovers issue. Kristin Roach has a great blog with lots of crafty ideas...if you haven't seen should take a peek.

These are the goodies all laid out for you to see. I love the little hand made notepad that looks like a match book...too cute. The little plastic package is a kit complete with zippers to make a little zipper pouch. I hope when life returns to normal (I pray that is soon) that I can actually make something with my goodies.

I joined the Ravelympics!!! I can't wait for it to start. You pick a project/s and sign up. When the Olympic games start your project/s and finish before the closing ceremonies. I only signed up for one project since life is still so crazy and I don't want to set myself up for failure. I so do not need that right now.

Middle school is proving to be a much bigger challenge than we expected for Ms Thang. Kids get more picky and critical as they get older and then there's all the cliques....she was the "star" in elementary school. Everyone knew her or wanted to know her....this year...not so much. She hasn't found her place yet and I pray that she will. I worry about her not making friends although today two kids did wave goodbye when I picked her up from school. Being deaf makes school work so much harder and apparently fitting in is also going to be a challenge for her. We're up late every night doing night I sent her to bed at 11pm with homework unfinished. That was just too late to be up on a school night. We're still struggling to get this thing figured out but I'm sure we will eventually. Any tips or suggestions would be so appreciated. I will love you forever!!!



Aunt Kathy said...

Oh Mel I wish I had some tips for you. It will work out though, one day at a time.

Congrats on the raveloympics... I didn't sign up I knew I'd drop out. maybe next year. LOL

Crystal said...

One day at a time. Being accepted in Middle School is a challenge. My daughter had a few bumps due to the hearing loss and I just kept telling her to be herself and be true to herself and others will follow! They did! Your daughter is a beautiful girl and I know she will find her way.

Anonymous said...

Hi friend. I did not realize your daughter was deaf. What an awesome Mom you are, to work so closely with her. Yours is a family filled with love.

The scrubbies are great! Have you tried making a tribble yet? I made my first one, and I think I'll make a couple dozen more, one for each of my dishcloth gifts.

Good luck in the Ravelympics! What project will you choose?

Blessings to you this day.

Tea said...

Love all your loot & the scrubby looks nifty!

I'll pray for your daughter.
Don't worry, she'll be okay. Change is good & it will make her even stronger than before.

Briley said...

I agree with Crystal, Your daughter will fins her way. The best thing you can do is continue to provide a loving and nurturing enviroment for her to come home to. The rest really is up to her.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget that counseling is always helpful. Find one that works with adolescents, just to give her an ear that's not a parent. I hope all goes well. Middle school is so hard on kids who are different in any way.

Mandi (a.k.a MissMandiGirl) said...

I should have looked into those Ravelry Olympics, I'm afraid I don't have time to pick out a pattern or a project now!

Best of luck on Middleschool.

Shea said...

Good Luck to Ms. Thang on going to middle school! It's always so hard to go from being the big fish in the small pond to the little fish in the big pond isn't it? You guys will hit your stride soon and she'll be doing great.

Good luck on the Ravelymplics. I just don't have the time to put towards it right now. Maybe next year?

hakucho said...

Love your scrubbies!

Once your daughter finds her niche she'll be fine. My boys liked middle school so much better than elementary. Getting used to all the work though is an adjustment as well. Your daughter sounds like she is very conscientious. My boys(except for my oldest) could use a little of that. They rush through their homework just to move on to other things.
Everything will work itself out I'm sure :)

Cat said...

Oh sweetie - I feel for you and little Ms. Thang. I hope things settle down soon.

Big Hugs!!!!

Christy said...

I'll rooting for you during the Ravelympics. Gold medal for you!

Ms. Thang will do wonderful, I'm sure. I don't know exactly any advise but I'll be pulling for you both!