Thursday, July 3, 2008

Karate And A Contest At Aunt Kathy's

Not much going on in our neck of the woods lately. Ms Thang has started going back to karate class's been a few years since she last went. She's doing great and I'm surprised at how much she remembers. The photo below is from her class tonight...sorry about the picture quality...I couldn't get a decent photo no matter how much I tried. I'm going to have to keep working on that. lol *I smudged the faces since I didn't get permission for the kids' photos*
We don't have big plans for the July 4th holiday. No fireworks...A. too expensive and B. too dry and it's dangerous for fireworks here right now. There will be lots of dummies who don't care and will do their fireworks anyway...I feel for the firefighters who will be working because of them. We're just going to hang around at home and stay off the also have to remember all the idiots who drink and drive...not worth it. We did our grocery shopping today to avoid having to be out tomorrow. On that note....I hope you all have a fun but safe holiday whatever you have planned.
Aunt Kathy is having another blog contest (2 month long this time). Check out her blog every day for a chance to win goodies. I think she picks a winner every week. Just leave a comment for an entry each day.Off to work on my newest project...a set of cloths suitable for baby blankets. I hope it won't take too long. :P


Shorty said...

Happy 4th to you too!!!

Thanks for the comments on my blog.


hakucho said...

That's wonderful that your daughter is taking up karate again. Usually once they quit they don't tend to go back.
I know with my oldest son karate has been wonderful for him. He's been doing it since he was 7 years old(22 next month. He's been teaching it now for 4 years. In fact he's in British Colombia right now attending a karate camp.

Happy 4th of July and hope you can fit in lots of happy knitting :)

Aunt Kathy said...

Ahh I remember the Tai Kwon Do days with my boys, both of them and my husband too. When I finally get to my goal weight I thought about learning Karate, who knows I may be a black belt at age ???

Have a nice day, we aren't doing anything either

Sandy said...

I think the photo is fine and dandy, and the slight blurring looks artisitc!

Karate is suppose to be really good exercise. I did it years and years ago....eons ago really.

We're having the gang here for the 4th picnic and cookout. Hope the weather improves. Everyone lives close so that makes it nice, no big need to travel with the crazies.

Can you tell me how to put a button on my blog and have it your Ravelry project button and find me on ravelry as...

Gonna do some knitting on moms shawl, then best tuck it away so she doesn't see it when they all come over.

Have a good one.

Tea said...

Great picture! Nice smudge job, too. ;p
I'm chillin' today, too..just me and Goodman. :)