Thursday, August 23, 2007

Two Color Texture Cloth...Cloth Of The Week

This is my small version of this week's cloth. It's a two color texture cloth. I used Sugar & Cream Shaded Denim and some plain blue I had in my leftovers. I have a lot going on at the moment so I just cast on for the small cloth which can also be used as a coaster or mug rug. The finished cloth is actually the perfect size for a mug rug. And, as usual, my Mom grabbed it. lol
As soon as I mentioned that it was the right size for a coaster, she says, "Oh, I need that!" I already have a round one I knitted a while back that I use on my desk so I gave this one to her.
This is the front view of the cloth.

And this is the back view. It seems Maile (the designer) has a gift for designs that are not only pretty on the front but also on the back side as well. Two totally different looks on one cloth and either side would be nice to look at.


Tea said...

Very nice cloth, Melanie.
Isn't it wonderful that it's only 101 degrees today? I'm still not complaining just waiting for a cool breeze. :)

Melanie said...

Thanks you, Tea. You had us beat today. I think our high was ONLY 98 degrees. We finally got a little rain last night but it didn't even begin to make a dent...severe drought here still.
I want some cool breeze too.. :(
(whining and not ashamed of it)