Friday, November 23, 2007

How Cute Are These!?

These are absolutely the cutest rings I have seen in a while. I found them, of all places, on Ravelry. Well, the rings weren't on Ravelry but the designer was there. Her name is Julie and she is a knitter, jewelry designer and a talented photographer as well. She is so sweet and so very patient....I know I drove her nuts looking for just the right buttons. She probably has me listed in her books somewhere as "that dang picky chick" or maybe "nut case". lol She has an Etsy shop where she sells these cute little things and there are so many to choose a matter of fact, I just finished ordering another one for my oldest daughter for Christmas.

This was my favorite. I love the button in the back with the flowery look and the wood grain was exactly what I wanted. I love the earth tones especially browns. I asked her if she had anything earthy so she went digging and came up with these. I swear it's like she could read my mind. (a scary venture if you poke around too much)

This is my "jeans and T-shirt" ring. The colors I love but a little more casual. She does have rings with color and they are very pretty...I just like the browns. The one I ordered for my daughter is much more colorful. I think I'm going to wear the wood grain one today...just because I love it. Thanks, Julie, if you see this. You rock, girlfriend!

If anyone wants to see Julie's cute button ring, here's the link for you. Enjoy!

Another note....she makes stitch markers too!


hakucho said...

Very unusual rings! It's amazing that something so simple an be so pretty :)

Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving :)

Mandi (a.k.a MissMandiGirl) said...