Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Slowly but surely....

Slowly but surely, I am getting my Christmas knitting done. I know, by the looks of this pile you would think I have nothing to worry about....these aren't all for gifts. Some of them are test knitted designs that may be given and maybe not. I want to give everyone at least two cloths each so I do still have a bit more knitting to do.

This is the awesome "Nubbins" cloth by Vyvyan of http://inahappycamper.eponym.com/blog
She has some wonderful patterns on her blog, you should check them out if you haven't already. I have been wanting to knit this one for a while and thought this would be a perfect cloth to do for my gifts. It's a good stress free knit and I can use my tons of variegated cotton that I have in my stash. There will probably be more of these to come since there is no complicated pattern to remember and it goes pretty quickly. For this one, I used Sugar & Cream in Summerset.

This is hopefully the last dress I have to do for a while...yeah, right. This (when finished) will go to my other neighbor in her Christmas basket. I just have to do the crochet at the top to finish it off. I used the Sugar & Cream self striping in Country Stripes. I really like the colors and might use the leftover (there was a lot) to make another soda can cozy. Now, do I want to do another Nubbins or what to do next? Maybe another Nubbins and something else...you can't have just one OTN at a time.


Anonymous said...

Wow you have been busy. Love the Nubbins and the dress. What is the dress for, a Barbie? Sorry curious LOL.


Mandi (a.k.a MissMandiGirl) said...

The nubbins is one of my favorite Dishcloths, Just because I can pick up my needles, grab some yarn and go, Also the garter row-ing makes it a great "scrubbie" type dishcloth :0)

Tricotine said...

I love that "nubbins"! :-)

Happy Christmas Knitting!