Saturday, November 17, 2007

My Tooth Fairy Bag

Inspiration comes from the strangest places sometimes. We recently watched the movie Transformers (awesome movie) and at one point during the movie, a little girl reaches under her pillow and gets her tooth fairy bag. This scene stuck with me for some reason but not until my brother-in-law said something did I think about this. He said I should knit a tooth fairy bag so...
here it is. This is the first completed version of My Tooth Fairy Bag.

This is a photo of the bag before adding the I-cord. I had no idea how to add eyelets to a double knit piece so simply separated the two sides at this point and knit them one at a time.

I had no desire to fight with my double points or do any seaming (I HATE SEAMING!) so I thought, why not do it in double knit. I really like double knit. I had only done this technique once before but it's very simple and I really enjoyed it.

This photo of the top of the bag is kinda fuzzy...sorry about that. I wanted it to have some type of ruffle to it. I know nothing about ruffles in knitting so I just winged it with knitting into the front and back of each stitch for one row. I'm sure there's a better, prettier way to have done this but I don't know it. lol

I will post the pattern for it later if anyone is interested.


Anonymous said...

How cool!!!! I would def. like the pattern, my nieces are getting to that age where they will need something like this. LOL of course they need it, that is why I have to knit it ;-)

Briley said...

Melanie, I just love this. When I was in kindergarden my teacher made us all tooth fairy pillows. They were tiny gigham pillows with a pocket for the tooth, and I treasured it! I'm sure they wil be very special gifts for the recipients. I will have to wait for a grand-niece/nephew to make one!

Tea said...

My dgd, the knitter is going to love this pattern! She's all the time pulling teeth at my house and losing them before she gets them home. Very nifty!

hakucho said...

Love this idea. I have a friend (dental hygienist) who's a tooth fairy and she sells tooth fairy boxes. This so much better and much more comfortable under the pillow :)