Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tuesday Stuff

Just a quick post about my contest goodies. Nancy has started another group on Yahoo. This one is a little different. Hooks n Needles is a crafty group....knitting, crochet, sewing, quilting, cross stitch, plastic canvas.....you get the idea. So far, she's doing great! I really like that the KALs aren't strictly dishcloths. Our first KAL was the Pocketbook Slippers from Alli. It's a nice friendly group and pretty relaxed. Mary and I guessed correctly what the KAL was so we won some nice goodies....I got a nice pair of the slippers (that I've already worn...very comfy) and a KnitSimple magazine (my first one) and an awesome bag. This is a huge bag! I could fit so much stuff in this bag. Thanks, Nancy! She gives awesome prizes!

Got some more rain here today...not a lot but just enough to cool things off a bit. Not that it was really hot to begin with. It's a cool 80 degrees now with a nice breeze blowing. Maggie and I spent some time outside this afternoon before the rain started just running around playing. Unfortunately, she sniffed around and found herself an anthill...fire ants no less. Her little paws and snout were covered in a matter of seconds. Luckily, Ms Thang saw it ASAP and grabbed her up and brought her to me. I got all the nasty buggers off and she was fine and raring to go again. I think she actually wanted to go back to the anthill. She must be a glutton for punishment. I didn't let her....those things are vicious! My sister gave her a little plastic ball and she's a very happy camper now.(except for knocking over the water bowl playing with it)

I almost forgot to show you the other new babies. Three new kitties. They're really cute and man can they get around! They've been eating solid food already and they are so funny to watch out there playing. Time to find them some good homes now while they're all cute and irresistible. :P

Back to the bags!


Aunt Kathy said...

ooh I HATE fire ants. OUCH

yeah kittens are cute, but alas like babies they eventually grow up.

Shirl said...

What a wonderful thing to receive such a marvelous prize!!!!!! Congratulations! Your puppy is beautiful and not being a cat lover, they too are gorgeous, just such a pity they grow up!! Keep up your excellent work and you have a great day. Love you very much.

Wendy said...

Oh Oh Oh kitties, I want the kitties.........Especially with those blue eyes...Kitties do grow up, But I am a cat lover through and through...I am so happy that Maggie is settling in so well. Has she met the kitties yet? I can just imagine the scene if she has. Hope you have a wonderful day today, wish me luck the kids go to the dentist (Williams first trip)
Big HUGs

Tea said...

Love the tote bag & magazine!
Knit happy!

Briley said...

sounds like you've got quite the mischievous pup on your hands!

The kittens are so cute I wish I could take one.

Cat said...

Congrats!! Some nice goodies there. Awww the dog is adorable and those kittens are to die for. Soooo cute!!!


Christy said...

What a bunch of cuties! Maggie looks like she's enjoying being spoiled and getting into trouble.

Mandi (a.k.a MissMandiGirl) said...

Sweet Kitties :) I've missed your blogs hun, I'm sorry I've been MIA lately :)

hakucho said...

Oh, my goodness such cuteness...just adorable :)