Friday, May 16, 2008

Green Day....

No, I really didn't forget how to blog...honest! It's been kinda crazy here with the new "baby" and the end of school testing and the knitting get the picture. lol I thought it was time (past time) for a quick update. Maggie is doing great! She's such a good puppy. Aside from the chewing (what puppy doesn't) there hasn't been any real problems. She'll outgrow that in time...I'm sure some stuff won't survive but it's just stuff anyway.

This is bag #4. I used the Knit Picks - Mary's Summer Bag pattern again. This one is knitted in Sugar & Cream Hot Green and (not 100% sure) Limeade. I love this pattern and I will probably use it again but for now I'm switching back to the Everlasting Bagstopper just for the quickness and ease of pattern. I've finished bag #5 for my neighbor's daughter (post photo later) and now it's on to the next three which are gifts for Ms Thang's teachers. I have my yarn and will be casting on ASAP. I am NEVER gonna get all of ours done before pool time gets here. lol

This little fella was given to me several years ago by my brother-in-law. He got it from a co-worker I believe who told him it was a Jacob's Ladder plant. I hadn't given the plant that much thought...he thrives with little attention and we're cool with that. I had tried looking it up online a time or two but had no luck finding anything that even remotely resembled this guy. So, I enlisted the help of my "plant go-to" person, Shirl who pointed me in the right direction.

This is a Selenicereus anthonyanus (stop laughing at the name and OMG that window needs cleaning!!) or Cryptocereus anthonyanus aka Zig Zag Cactus, Rick Rack Cactus or Fishbone Cactus. Finally, I know what to do with him and what all those little "feelers" are for. If anyone has one and has any advice, please, please share the knowledge! I did get some info that should help out but I'm always open to suggestions. If anyone is curious... Tropical Treasures - just scroll down to the vining plants and he's there. I don't want to bore everyone with all the details.

That's all the "green" I have today....gotta get back to the needles and get these teacher's gifts done. I have until June 4....not really that big of a rush but stuff always comes up so better safe than sorry. Hope everyone has been well and knitting!



Tea said...

Your green bag is adorable!!!
I love the pattern, even looked into making one, but decided it was too time consumin' for me with this irritatin' elbow.

Love the little green guy. Rickrack cactus looks like a good name for it. Hope your get lots of info on him. :)

hakucho said...

I love your green bag...very pretty and it certainly will be appreciated I'm sure of that!

Your plant looks similar to my grandmother's orchid cactus. The only person who hasn't killed their piece is my uncle. He lets it summer out on his porch at the cape every year and it has the most gorgeous blossoms.

Have a wonderful weekend :)

Shea said...

The great thing about a new puppy is that your kids learn pretty quick to pick up their toys or else they become chewed up puppy toys. My 2 yr old, of course, does the opposite. Loves to throw lots of toys on the floor. Good thing our puppy has a tiny mouth and can't do much, if any, damage.

Shirl said...

My darling Mel
I adore the color of your bag, your knitting is beautiful, keep up the good work and hope you finish your teacher's gifts in time.

Aunt Kathy said...

OOh Melanie I really like the colors of that bag. Very nice.

Cat said...

LOL I guess we both have forgotten how to blog ;-) I love the names of that cactus how cool is rick rack. I know I've got my sewing hat on LOL.

I am so glad everything is settling with Maggie.