Friday, May 30, 2008

A Long Week....

I think it must be the excitement of the end of school are busy with end of year stuff and everyone is making plans for the summer....makes the last weeks of school just seem to drag along.

We spent Memorial Day at my sister's house enjoying the pool and my BIL's awesome grilling. He can grill up some seriously good food! Ms Thang's photo pretty much sums up their feelings about summer vacation.

Then we had field day at her school. It was more like "Field Morning" this year. It was over well before lunch which is not typical of the past years. I have no idea why the change but she wanted to hang out at school with her friends rather than leave early. Some of her friends won't be going to the same school with her next year so these are the last few days they will have to see each other.

This is actually after the event was over....they were racing back to the starting point to join back up with the class. Can you believe it was COLD that morning?! I'm so glad we decided on jeans and added the thermal shirt underneath. (I figured if she got hot later...the thermal could be taken off) The kids with just the t-shirts and shorts were freezing. We even had a blanket to cover up with. By afternoon it was sunny and hot....weird weather for May.

This is the latest bag...changed up a little more. Ms Thang gave her bag to her BFF at school. BFF wanted one after seeing the teachers' bags so Ms Thang gave her the one she had. She liked this one better anyway. Now I have two more to make before I can continue with ours...AGAIN. Two of her friends asked me to make them one...both little boys which I thought was strange. When I questioned them....they both said they wanted to give one to their Moms. can you say No to that? They both are very sweet and so protective of my daughter. It's like she has two big brothers with her at school every day so I thought it was the least I could do to say Thanks. They requested their Moms' favorite colors...both pink with blue on one. Now, I just need them finished before next Wednesday. :P

In awesome goodies news....another awesome parcel came from South Africa. Shirl sent these yummy yarns and candy for our tasting enjoyment. I'm talking lots of candy....Jelly Tots, Smarties, Sour Jelly Tots, Sour Bones and the absolute most delicious chocolate ever!! I would have posted photos of the candy but the packages didn't last long....we ripped right into that stuff. Most of them are now in Ziploc bags. lol Well, except for the chocolate which has been entirely consumed. Thanks so much, Shirl and George, too!! We love you!

Off to get this bag off the needles to start the bags for the boys.



Briley said...

I love the latest bag.
If people keep asking you to make these you may end up being a professional bag knitter.

Aunt Kathy said...

Ok first I want to go to your BIL pool, please, can I live there for the summer?

Second I love these bags you are making and really want to try one, but honestly they look too hard for my knitting skills.

Third, wow Shirley sent you a great gift there. I can't wait to see what you make with it all.

Wendy said...

I don't know what to expect from one day to anther what the weather will be like. For instance yesterday was near 80, when just the other day I was covering my plants because of a frost warning. Last night (1:30 am) my bedroom was 82 degees, I finally gave in, so I could sleep, and turned the air on....I think this is going to be another HOT summer...
Are you tired of the bags yet????

Cat said...

Ms Thang definitely looks like she is having the time of her life.
Awesome goodies, now don't eat all the candy to once ;-)

Awww how sweet of those boys. I agree you cannot refuse that offer.


hakucho said...

Your house is turning into a bag factory...I can see why ...they all are turning out fabulous!! (you must be knitting in your sleep ;) )

Trish said...

aww! Sweet boys! Hope the weather straightens up for ya! Nice haul from your friend Shirl :)