Thursday, June 26, 2008

Bag Love

OMG! Look what came in the mail! Okay, so it came a few days ago and I'm just slow with the blogging lately but still....I am so in love with this!!!

This is my Namaste Cali Laguna Bag. It's's's will carry everything and I DO mean EVERYTHING!!! lol

The front view.

The back view.

The awesome, roomy inside. Sections, zipper, pockets....what more can you ask for? I can fit all my necessary things along with a knitting project...or two if it's a small project...and always be prepared. I'm kinda wishing now I had gotten one of the bright, pretty colors but I love my brown. I guess it wouldn't have hurt to change it up a little.

My oldest daughter has even decided she wants one for Christmas. She doesn't knit and has no interest in learning to knit but she totally loved this bag. That's quite a compliment from a just turned 17 year old.

I ordered it from DreamWeaverYarns . They are so nice. The shoulder strap was missing from my fault of DreamWeaver's....and Natalie responsed to my email immediately. She contacted the company and has them shipping me a strap ASAP. She was so quick and so nice. I was just excited that I could go ahead and use my bag. Maybe I can get another for Christmas too when I order one for the daughter. :P

Off to take Ms Thang to karate class.



amy-lynne......... said...

ok now... i am jealous !!! YGG WTG i think i am going to break down and get me one... after i get me some knitpicks needles... i will get more info from ya in a lil bit... love the color... it is so you...

Cat said...

Oh I love it, of course I do, it's the same as mine. LOL we'll have to be careful when we're together not to mix them up ;-) Okay didn't you email me asking me what Namaste meant and telling me about the bag? I thought I saw it earlier today and now I want to reply to you and can't find it. LOL.
Namaste literally means I bow, but it's understood meaning is something like - The God/Spirit in me greets the God/Spirit in you.


hakucho said...

Ohwow...that is one fabulous bag!!
Enjoy :)

Aunt Kathy said...

Very nice Mel, now guess what color I would have gotten? But $59.99 is about $50 more than I usually pay, lol. I guess I'll just live through you this time

Suzanne said...

Cool bag. My problem is that I can't decide. Thanks for you nice comment on my blog. I simply used Red Heart Sport yarn. I wanted it to be sturdy for a one year old. Thanks again.

Christy said...

That has my name written all over it! I'm off to go drool over the dreamweavers site.

Tea said...

Your new bag is beautiful!! Love the color and design. I'm a bag-lady, too, so's I know how to appreciate them proper like. _chuckles_