Friday, June 13, 2008

My First Apron Is Here....

First off, I have to say that the crafters/sellers on Etsy are the best. Every experience I've had so far has been awesome. There are some super nice people there....if you haven't already...check it can find everything there!

This is how my package arrived...well after I took it out of the envelope. There was a lovely handwritten note and some cute buttons and she tied the apron up all pretty with a ribbon and a cute tag. The apron even smelled good! If you're into vintage goodies...check her out.... The Good Old Days on Etsy.

Ms Thang was happy to model it for me. The pictures aren't so great. There was a breeze blowing but the sun was blazing so we were trying to hurry and get back inside. lol

I love's too cute! It's the beginning of a new addiction I think. I just hope I can work up the courage to sew one myself. The other one I ordered from eBay came today but I haven't had time to get good photos so maybe I can post that one tomorrow. You can see she took it off long enough for me to snap this photo but she didn't want to give it back. Maybe I'll create a little apron monster out of her. She is the only one who shows any interest in learning any of my crafty stuff. There's hope yet.

Hope everyone has been staying cool and out of the way of those awful storms. I'm still working on my bags....making progress slowly but surely. Now I have two more new patterns I want to try. The new Knitty is out and they have a cute bag pattern. BYOB(Bring Your Own Bag)
Like I need any encouragement to knit a bag. lol Then along comes the Sassy Sacks from Knitting Daily ...yeah, I ordered that one already...don't know when I'll get around to knitting them but they were too pretty to pass up.

Off to rest a minute and maybe do a little knitting.


Christy said...

Cute apron. I agree, Etsy is pretty fantastic. Can't wait to see your apron creation.

Carol said...

The apron is great! I've been looking at that BYOB too! and since I always seem to make whatever you make, I guess I'll be knitting it too! Have a great Day!

Aunt Kathy said...

That apron is lovely. I used to sew, even have an ancient machine still, maybe one day I'll get back into it too.

hakucho said...

Your apron is very cute. Reminds me of the ones my mother used to wear when I was I kid. I'm too messy a cook so I prefer he apron that cover my top, too. Sure aves my clothes from getting dirty. Yours is much prettier and perfect for entertaining!

I love the new knitty bag. My head spins...there are so many things I want to do....

happy knitting :)

Tea said...

That's a really adorable apron! I'll check her site out. I used to hate them, but I'm with you on using them after spending a ton of $$ on stain remover to get grease stains off my clothes. I know you could make one...sewing is easy if you take it a step at a time. :)

Glad you're staying cool; it's been in the high nineties all week here; had some remodeling done by SIL & had to help him off & on so we sweltered all week long.
Be cool!! ;0

katie said...

That apron is just too cute! I've added BYOB to the lists, yes Lists!
I think they will become christmas gift for a few, possibly knitting bags with longer handles......have a great one

Cat said...

Yeah a post!!!! LOL

Hon that apron is beautiful. I can't wait to see what you sew, I know you will ;-) LOL.