Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Simple Woman's Summer Swap

I've read about this swap on several know who you are.....I just could not take the pressure anymore. I'm in. It's a really nice swap for anyone who loves to do swaps but doesn't have the funds or the time to do a huge complicated thing. Check it out if you think you're interested...there's still a little time left to get in. I love the swaps and I could totally do it more often with nice simple swaps like this one.


Tea said...

Nifty! I'd love to do a swap like that sometime. :)
Oh, btw, you've got me wanting to make a doggone apron! Stop already!! lol!

(((((HUGS))))) sandi said...

HA! You're too cute! I'm excited about the swap too. LOVE your aprons! (((((HUGS))))) sandi

Cat said...

Yeah!!!! I am so glad you joined. Oh I've been meaning to ask and before I forget again, did you receive the two magazines?


Aunt Kathy said...

Welcome to the swap Mel, hmm wouldn't it be a riot if I got you again. What are the odds.

Sandy said...

I've never gotten into the swamps on any kind of a regular basis. The few I did awhile back didn't end up so well, so I've sorta crossed that off my list of things to do. Though I know lots of folks are really into them.

Glanced at your previous're a golden cute. Would you want a couple of jack russell tarriers..........the ones that live across the street that insists on waking up the neighborhood morning after morning at 6, cause I'm about ready to scream.......really wouldn't they be a good platemate for your golden ? lol

Have a super day, what are you working on these days?