Saturday, August 30, 2008

Saturday Afternoon Balloon Fest

Just sharing more hot air balloons from The Great Southeast Balloon Fest. Thanks to Froggie for the phone call to say they were up...we would've missed the whole thing! Less than 10 minutes after the call and they were already landing. There's always tomorrow. :P

Three getting ready to land next to the parking lot of Food Lion. It was pretty cool to watch. I had never seen this many balloons land so close to each.

We thought this one was too cute. Click to make 'em bigger....two teeth holding toothbrushes.

These almost passed directly overhead. I thought it was a pretty interesting angle anyway.

This is the one I got in the photo yesterday that was too dark to see. He was almost too dark again today. The sun was going down and making it hard to get good shots of the ones that actually got close to us.

Another silhouette...I love these. This one looked like a plaid design. I have to admit...not my favorite. It looks a lot nicer this way. :P

Hope you're all not getting bored with balloons. We love watching them and we get them here at least once a year. The kids really enjoy it and so do I. Maybe some day we'll hitch a ride in one.



amy-lynne......... said...

cool pics... wasn't that fun!!!... glad we could get some photos... you got some good ones girl... i love the way you did the backgrounds... one day you are going to have to show me how to do that!... love ya's... laters :Þ

Aunt Kathy said...

Hey I've seen that tooth balloon somewhere before... oh yeah... Froggies, LOL.

I am still jealous of you two, nothing fun ever seems to happen in Upstate NY

Tea said...

What a sight! I love hot-air balloons & your pictures are just wonderful!
Hey, if you hear they need some extra hot air I can recommend a few folks to supply that need. hehe

hakucho said...

Great shots. I love the one with the teeth...fabulous pictures. Thanks for sharing :)

Shea said...

Beautiful. But I hope you didn't get one of the poor fellow that fell out of one of the balloons that weekend. ouch! He's lucky he survived that one.