Saturday, December 22, 2007

Almost There And Contest Goodies....

I have, at last, a "Hunny Bear" to give my cousin for Christmas. This is thanks to my good friend, Froggie. Thanks so much, girlfriend...I so appreciate this. Not to worry folks, I already sent her a message to post the pattern...please, please,'s time to share.

ETA...Froggie has now posted the Hunny Bear Freebie...hop on over and check it out...the button is on my sidebar. :)

This is my second place prize for the Google Christmas Trivia Contest in the gettingtoknowyou dishcloth group.
A ball of Sugar & Cream striping yarn in Violet pretty...a ball of Peaches & Cream in Deep Purple...I haven't seen this color around here...YAY...and a really cute little notepad...I love notepads. You just can't have enough little notepads for the desk. I go through them like lightening.

I also managed to get a little knitting time in on my La Dentelle Belle Scarf KAL. I am so far behind, it's just not funny but I will finish....sometime. Poor thing doesn't look much longer than it did before I started knitting last night but it really is a bit longer.

Off to finish my last dishcloth...I'm about 2/3 of the way done and will be finished with it tonight. This is a good thing since we're exchanging these gifts tomorrow. lol
Hope you're all having a wonderful holiday!


Tea said...

Hi Melanie,
Oh, that's a "hunny" of a bear cloth! Very nice!
You won a contest?? Very cool!
Nice yarn and note pad.

Your La Dentelle is the prettiest I've seen. I wonder if everyone should have used larger needles!!
Ah well..

Wishing You and Yours the most Wonderful Christmas Ever!!!
Merry Christmas!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Congratulations on the goodies!!!! Love the cloth and the scarf is just gorgeous!!!

Okay another group I don't know of, send the link sweetie!!!!


hakucho said...

Cute bear cloth and congratulations on winning the contest! Your La Dentelle Belle Scarf KAL is coming along great. Good for you trying to keep's so hard this time of year. I think a KAL right now would have put me over the edge. Very pretty colorway you are using.

Hope you have a wonderful Christmas :)

Christy B. said...

Merry Christmas! Love the yarn!