Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A Tree, Some Dishcloths And Honest Abe.

I thought I would post a photo of the decorated tree since there are some who wouldn't believe it without took forever to get around to adding the ornaments. I think the tree was up for two weeks just waiting on the final additions. I got tired of it giving me dirty looks so here he is in all his glory. (covered in little snowmen) There's even a little snowman standing just underneath the edge of the tree but you can't see him in this photo. He's in my profile picture right now though.

This is a Christmas gift for one of my neighbors. He owns a few horses and has let my kids ride them. Froggie designed this one and I thought it was perfect for him. This pattern is available on her blog.
I knitted him with Sugar & Cream in brown...not sure of the actual color name on the wrapper. The wrapper has long since gone MIA. I used a US size 7 needle...not sure of the size on the pattern. Hop over to Frogiez Place and look for Giddy-Up.

This one is for my cousin who is a big kid regardless of his age...which is in his 20's. He has always loved a certain comic book super hero. The cloth is a much prettier, brighter shade of blue. I was apparently having a "crappy picture day" as you can tell by this series of photos and YES! it's driving me insane but I will deal with it. :P Anyway, I think he will be very happy with this one.

I finally feel as though I'm making progress with all this Christmas gift knitting. I got these two finished, have a Nubbins OTN and two more dishcloth dresses OTN for my daughter's teachers. Now I just have to pick out a nice one for her interpreter...I realized that these 3 cloths need to be done first (as in now) because school is out for the holiday next Wednesday. I have until Christmas Eve to finish everyone else's.

I just check with Froggie and this one (My Hero) will be posted soon. Just check back on her blog...hopefully tomorrow and it should be there.

Now, the finale. I would like for you all to meet Abe Lincoln the sock puppet. Isn't he a handsome fella? lol My oldest daughter had to do this as a project for school. She's in high school no less, go figure. His mouth does open but you can't tell it in the photo. Her hand was A LOT of whining in that last sentence. I think we did an awesome job. Credit for the face goes to my youngest son, Skaterboy the artist. He's a talented kid if I say so myself. I can't wait to see what kind of grade she gets for this one. lol He really is very dignified in the photo. Always a proper gentleman. Honest.

Okay, I "talked" your ears off. You must be tired so I will shut up for now. Don't get comfortable because I will be back.


amy-lynne......... said...

I love the tree lit......Abe is AWESOME good job gang!!!!! laters :Þ

Anonymous said...

Oh I love Abe, he is awesome!!!! Your daughter and son did a wonderful job I'm glad to hear you are getting your Christmas knitting done ;-)


Wendy said...

The tree is beautiful........My tree is somewhat of the old time nature...I have a lot of ornaments that I have bought at auctions...the best part is they may have cost me pennies, because they were mixed in boxes of christmas stuff and I got that for a caouple of dollars...I would usually only end up with a few things out of the box and the rest would go bye bye. Raggedy ann and andy came that way, and I bought the box for $6, only because I saw them and wanted them..nothing else just them...I guess you do like snowmen.......Have a great crafty day...I am down to my last thing to crochet and about halfway done with it.........

Tea said...

Wow, that's a lot of snowmen on that tree! Very pretty!
Looks like you're all crafty! Abe is fabulous!
Thanks for sharing the patterns!

hakucho said...

Your tree is beautiful. Those dish cloths sure are nice and such thoughtful gifts. I do love dish/wash cloths. Great job on Abe. Fabulous sock puppet and its nice that for your kids it was a joint effort :)

Good luck getting the rest of your Christmas knitting done!

Tricotine said...

That horse dishcloth is amazing! Beatiful! I wish I had designed it myself... ;-D

Your Christmas Tree looks magical!

Oh, and I have a badge for you in my blog! :-)



Mandi (a.k.a MissMandiGirl) said...

Your tree is beautiful hun!! Abe is great, She did an awesome Job!!