Sunday, December 16, 2007

It's Was A Yucky Day!

No Saturday Sky was too cold and wet to go out and take the picture. lol Saturday kinda went like this...

This has been one cold, rainy, yucky day. At the moment it's 38 degrees and wet. We've had rain all day long and you would think this would be a very productive knitting day but NOT. I don't even have a good excuse. I did finish one of the tops of the teacher's dishcloth dresses and hope to get the other two done when I finish posting. It's just dang cold.

I sent the boys to the barn for wood so we could enjoy this (see photo above). There's nothing better when it's cold outside than a toasty warm fire in the fireplace. I love to hear the wood crackling and the glow....ahhhhh, awesome. It was begging me to take a photograph so of course, I did. I thought I would share with you so it could warm you all a little.

I did however have to do one that just could not wait. Now, normally I wouldn't be bathing the dog on such a cold day but....."Ms Thang" informed that "THE DOG HAS TWO BUGS ON HER!" Sorry for yelling but that's how she said it. lol I checked and sure enough, Ms Diva had a couple of fleas on her. Well, I'm not having no stinking fleas around here so off to the tub we went. Needless to say, Diva was not happy. Since she has very short hair, it wasn't hard to find those little buggers and dispose of them. While the two little ladies warmed up by the fire, I cleaned her crate and made sure there were no more relatives hiding out in there. For all this drama, I think she deserved a treat.

This is your typical "Oh, can I please have the treat now, huh? Please, please...." She will actually stand up on her back legs and dance around for it and I got a photo of her doing this but....her eyes looked so creepy with the flash that I couldn't post it. Just too
I'll try again later during the day and maybe get one I can use.

This is what you do when you get your treat. Run like heck to the back of your crate and leave the little dinosaur dude by the door to stand guard so nobody can get their greedy little hands on your doggie treat. She is serious about the treats and not those little wimpy small dog treats. She likes the "big dog" treats. The ones almost the size of her head. No,'s sticking out the side of her mouth. She got another treat for being such a sport about the pictures.

Now, if I just had a French Vanilla Cappuccino...all would be right with the world. :P


Wendy said...

Today is our yucky day......and of course the kids are already asking to go outside...It is snowing and blowing like a blizzard and they want to play in the snow....I will hopefully get pictures later, of the DRIFTS...not no little thingy's probably a good foot already. The snow is about8 inches and is not due to stop until this evening...What fun....UGH. Hope your day is better today..

hakucho said...

Tosay would definitely be a good day to stay in bed all day. We are in the middle of a nor'easter. My boys are shoveling because it's supposed to turn to rain and then everything will freeze rock solid tonight when the temps drop into the teens. Oh, how we LOVE winter :(

You little doggie is so cute!!

Stay warm by the fire and hope you get to do lots of...
happy knitting :)

Anonymous said...

The rain was such a relief!!! Awww she is way to cute.
Now get to that knitting girlfriend.


Tea said...

I'm taking a knitting break, too, so I can't blame you a bit.
Your fireplace looks wonderful.

Ms. Diva-gal is too cute.
Our rat terrier, Charlie, dances for treats, too. Surprisingly, he also has been bringin' fleas inside & he has that same kind & color of crate. So I'm wonderin' are you copyin' us or are we copyin' you?? Anyways, we're both very cool!!! lol ;)

Mandi (a.k.a MissMandiGirl) said...

The fire looks so cozy! Wish I had it right now!