Thursday, December 13, 2007

A Christmas Surprise & La Dentelle Belle Progress

My daughter has THE BEST interpreter there is...I have proof. Today when "Ms Thang" got home from school, she ripped into her bookbag like a mad woman. She was signing a mile a minute about "V" saying to open this now...DONT wait until Christmas! ("V" is her interpreter.)
She opened the card first...this took a LOT of willpower....inside "V" said that since my dd and I have such a close relationship, she thought we should both have this same gift. How sweet is that? We had identical little wrapped boxes and this is what was inside.....

This is "Ms Thang's" necklace. Oh yeah, we put them on immediately! Her chain is just a tad bit shorter than mine. They are so much prettier than the photos show. The reflections of colors and lights in the room distort the finish in the photos.

This is mine. I took it off hoping I could get a better photo. This is not quite as bad as the other with the colors reflecting on the necklace but it still just doesn't compare to the real thing. They're just dainty little things but the detail is pretty good. I just wish I could have gotten a better shot.

It was a really nice early Christmas surprise. "V" always gives dd a little something but I was totally not expecting a gift for me. She is awesome!

Now, the La Dentelle Belle progress...well, it's not so much progress but I will get there. I've had to set this aside to get those teacher gifts finished and they almost are...YAY ME! I love this yarn and even though I wasn't too thrilled with the colorway, I am more than happy with it now that's taking shape. I don't normally buy bright colors but this was a super good deal. I have another hank and I'm already trying to decide what else I can knit up with this. I may even make a scarf for myself with this. If my sister is reading this, don't worry, this one is yours. I promise.

I have two dishcloth dresses done and just waiting on the crochet edging at the top and another just OTN. It will done tomorrow, I hope. I'm using the Sugar & Cream striping yarn in the Holiday Stripes. So far, the first two have been a pleasant surprise in the way the striping has worked out. You know you're gonna get photos.


Anonymous said...

Oh that was so sweet of her. They are awesome!
Love the looks of La Dentelle!!!


Mandi (a.k.a MissMandiGirl) said...

Very pretty so far hun :) Love the the color way :)

hakucho said...

That was such a sweet gift for the both of you :)

I really love the way your scarf is knitting up. Very pretty and very delicate. Your sister will love it I'm sure :)

Good luck getting all you knitting done...I don't know about you, but I'm starting to lose steam :) but I'll keep plugging away....

Tea said...

What a lovely surprise for both you and dd! They are very pretty!

Oh, I love that scarf! It's really looking good.