Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A Beautiful Happy Earth Day & A Contest...


This is what it looked like around here today. There was also a pretty good breeze blowing...it almost felt like fall. I thought this would be a good photo to share for Earth Day.

I'm still not getting much knitting done....just a little on Ms Thang's pool bag. I'm trying hers out with some leftover acrylic in a pretty, girly mix of white and pink. That's the only bit of knitting I've touched all day. :( The cute little man was here today and we had a really good day. He was in a silly mood for a while...he's so funny sometimes.

The contest is on Brian's blog and it's a good one! You can get multiple entries for commenting, making the correct guesses on the contest photo and so on. Check it out and tell him I sent ya...yeah, I get an extra entry for that. :P I didn't do so well with the whole guessing thing. lol
He's got some awesome prizes including the beautiful needle cases he makes. I bought one a while back and use it faithfully. They're nice and portable....I love mine!

Off to get some rest...I don't have the energy that a 3 year does. lol



kadezmom said...

Beautiful picture!

Thanks for your input on the movie. I wondered. Often.


Cat said...

I hope you are well rested hon. How are the YUCKIES doing?


hakucho said...

You can tell how lovely a day it was from your picture. Very lovely :) Today here it was hot....radical changes from cold to hot...always happens. Next week we'll probably have the heat back on :)

Mandi (a.k.a MissMandiGirl) said...

We had an equally beautiful day yesterday here in Oklahoma then in the evening we got thunderstorms
:-P I hear you on the energy of the 3 year old :)