Monday, April 14, 2008

A Little Change Of Pace...

My intention this past weekend was to finish up three dishcloths that I had OTN....that didn't happen. I could not knit a dishcloth to save my life. I have one still OTN and with the correct number of stitches. One was frogged and the other is OTN but with extra stitches that came from I have no idea where. I this's time for a change of pace.

This is a 14 year old boy's idea of what you do with knitting needles with the lights on the tips. Aunt Kathy sent me these in the Hot Cocoa Swap. I love these needles and I promise AK....they are unharmed...I rescued them. I have to admit was pretty cool.

I have been considering knitting the Everlasting Bagstopper for about 5 months now but just never got around to it. Froggie gave me this awesome yarn...Sugar & Cream kit with 3 large I thought why not. It's almost time to start going to my sister's to swim in her pool and this would be perfect for a "pool bag" to carry wet things home or whatever other stuff we need to lug around. It knits up really fast....mindless after you get the bottom done...perfect pattern for me! I'm planning to make one for everybody so we can be a little more organized for a change and maybe the kids won't leave their clothes behind. That happened quite a few times last year. lol

I bought this yarn to make myself a scarf. Froggie and I were doing our own little KAL. She got the same yarn just in a different colorway. I tried 3 different patterns with it this past weekend with no luck. (There's that number 3 again. :P ) I finally settled on the One Row Handspum Scarf by the Yarn Harlot. I love it so far! I love that it's the same pattern on every single row! I can knit and watch TV or talk...perfection! I cast on 30 stitches instead of the 26 she did but I think the 26 stitches would have looked just as nice. I'm using a US Size 7 needle so I was afraid it was going to turn out a little small. Come on, Froggie!! You gotta catch up!! *You should have plenty of time because I can't seem to put this Everlasting Bagstopper down. *

Back to the bag....maybe I'll have an FO tomorrow.



amy-lynne......... said...

you have me so cornfused on which pattern you need to send it to me again marked THIS ONE GOOF... looking good on your projects and you are right the light thing is pretty cool.... laters :Þ

Briley said...

I love the lighted needles pic.

The bag and the scarf are both looking great!

hakucho said...

Looks like you have some good thing being worked. Sometime we all just need a change.
Happy knitting :)

Shea said...

Love the colors in that yarn and the light pic turned out very cool!

Cat said...

LOL that is a cool picture!!!

Love the bag and the scarf. I think I'll have to dig out some of my hemp I've been hoarding and make one.


Kenyetta said...

I LOVE the lighted needles! I must get those. Did you have fun on photobucket????

kadezmom said...

Is that ds waving the needles around? Inquiring minds, ya know!

Ohhh, I am going to have to check out that bag pattern. I'm loving what Im seeing so far and mindless is the only way I can go for the time being. There is no way I can handle kals at the moment.

Nice choice for the scarf as well, I looked into that one when I did a scarf swap at one point. I chose something else, but for the life of me, I cannot remember why!

Have a great night

Tea said...

I like the lights! Cool.
Love the bag lots. I could use a little mindless knitting right now. Thanks for the link!

Wendy said...

Love the bag and scarf....I was wondering what the lights were....the whole time before I read what...Oh it is so wonderful to really see.....have been on this damn thing just a little too long though....Will have to give the KAL another try tomorrow, did not even pick it up today...eyes were giving me hell, and then I got the call to pick up the glasses,....saving grace at just the right moment...
Hope you had a wonderful day.
Big Warm Hugs

Kathy said...

Thanks for entering my contest at irisheyes. Now I get to meet all of you and your blogs. I too can sometimes not knit something to save my life. Isn't it strange? You know you can do it, but you just can't get it to happen. I usually head to the blogs then!