Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Tawashi Time!

This is what I will be doing tonight! The awesome Citrus Slice Tawashi by Rhonda White. I love these...they are so cute and useful too! Rhonda is a talented designer but I'm sure you all know that! On the rare chance that someone doesn't know Rhonda, you should check out her site. She has some very nice designs. She also happens to be a super nice person.

Aunt Kathy was making these Tawashi on her blog recently and I thought they were so cute. I hopped over to Rhonda's Etsy store to check it out. *you should check it out too* I ordered the pattern for the Tawashi and noticed she had the acrylic yarn. So I ordered a couple of those too. The colors are really bright...perfect for this pattern. I'm doing lemon and lime slices.

This is what really grabbed my attention about the yarn other than the vivid colors. It's ANTIBACTERIAL!!!! Is that awesome or what!!?? I have never seen antibacterial yarn. The absolute most perfect thing for dish scrubbies. It makes me feel much better about scrubbies. No yucky stuff growing when you're not looking.

I'm sparing you the Spring photo today. Brian is getting sick and a bit jealous....he's still stuck with snow and cold weather. Tomorrow you may not be safe though....Brian, you have been warned.


*off to knit some Tawashi*
*No, I do not do PR for Rhonda but it sure did sound like it. lol*


Briley said...

You're so kind to me! It's like spring here today. No sunshine, but it was in the 50's and POURING rain.

Just and FYI- Bamboo is naturally antibacterial, and Hemp is anti-mildew. There are other plant fibers that have anti-bacterial properties as well, and if you can stomach a fiber made of crustacean shells, Chitin (sp?) is also antibacterial.

Aunt Kathy said...

Oh Mel you will love them, i sure did.

And I agree, Rhonda is the best. And super nice. I'd gladly do PR for her anyday

Shorty said...

I've been considering making a few of those myself. I am totally captivated by Japanese crochet right now. And the Tawashi would be the next step.


kadezmom said...

I'm loving it! How does that yarn work up? Can't wait to see pics of your finished work.

Tea said...

Nifty!! I love fruit & those are really fruity lookin'. Cool.

I'll be back tomorrow for my springtime fix. ;)

hakucho said...

Can't wait to see your finished citrus slices!! That is very cool about the antibacterial yarn...one learns something every day :)

Christy said...

I did not know it was your birthday so Happy Belated Birthday (I'm a bad web friend)!!

Mandi (a.k.a MissMandiGirl) said...

Those are so cute!!! Great pattern!!