Monday, April 9, 2007

Addicted To Knitting

While I'm working on more patterns, which is consuming most of my time right now, I thought I would show you just how addicted to knitting I am. Everyone laughed at me when I made this steering wheel cover but, my hands don't get cold on the
I even made a matching bag for trash to hang over the seat. It's the only way to get my kids NOT to throw their trash in the floor. I made it with scraps of Lion Brand Homespun. (so soft) Just in case anyone else is as obsessed as me, I will post the link for the pattern. You can find it here....

Gotta get back to my patterns. I hope to have enough soon to set up another site to sell some of my designs. I still intend to post some here for free as well. Hey, everybody loves free. I know I do!

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