Sunday, June 17, 2007


Well, we finally managed to go a whole weekend of camping without getting rained on.....YAY!!

It was so nice. The weather was great and the lake is finally warm enough that you don't freeze your behind off if you want to go swimming. We also managed to get our favorite spot. It seems to be everyone's favorite and it's a hard spot to snag. It's at the very end facing the water and has a little more room and privacy than the others. And as you can see from the photo, the view is amazing....especially at sunset.

The locals paid us a visit. The ducks usually come by but we didn't get a visit from them this time. We got to see how much the little geese had grown...they were little babies last time we saw them. Who knew they liked pancakes...especially with syrup. One in particular loved them...he tried to take plate from hubby's hand. We saw a few deer and a little fox sitting by the road under a tree. Our raccoon friend, however, didn't show up this time either. Strange it seemed since last year and the first few camping trips this year, he was there every night.

Saturday, I took my youngest daughter to our local volunteer fire department. They do the free portrait if you give a donation deal. Anyway, our appointment was Saturday. I took her to get her picture taken since the boys weren't interested and my oldest daughter was out of town. Somehow they had gotten behind on the appointments so we had to wait and wait and get the idea. One of the firemen took the kids out to play with the firetruck, sirens and gear. All the kids got a fireman's hat. She wore this hat all weekend except when she was swimming. This is her feeding the locals Sunday morning. I think she put it on before she crawled out of her sleeping bag. lol

I did manage to get some knitting done as well. I'm almost finished with first square for the CampSquareCrew, did my weeks rows on my mystery shawl (looking so pretty) and I am almost caught up on my scarf. I was only about 7 days behind. :P I need to get some new photos posted so you can see my progress. Gonna have to work on that tomorrow.


Janey said...

Yea for your daughter!

It's probably just the helmet that has her interested, but you can re-inforce - and your local fire department as well - that she can be a firefighter too.

the second female firefighter in the province of Nova Scotia
(first one on the mainland)

Melanie said...

Wtg...I love to see women proving what we're made of. My daughter is (a very small) 11 years old and she is also deaf. Unfortunately, the reality is; this limits her options. In certain situations, hearing is an absolute must. But for her, where there's a will there's a way. She has played softball, taken karate, and dance. I have no doubt she will find her place. Melanie