Monday, June 18, 2007

Several New Arrivals Today

The first new arrival of the yarn order from Knitpicks. Finally. I absolutely love this yarn. I have only ordered from them twice. This order and my Knitpicks Options needles. The products are (so far) great but the shipping time takes forever compared to others. I've ordered quite a few things from and they are super fast. I guess they just got me spoiled. I would definitely order again from Knitpicks if the price is right. I got this order at an awesome price and even though I had to wait a while to get it, it was so worth it. The one in front is Memories 100% merino wool in Smores. The brown is actually not a solid color...very pretty...up close you can see the other shades. It's Shadow 100% merino woolin Redwood Forest. The blue is Gossamer 100% merino wool in Blue Jeans. And lastly, the pink varigated is Gossmaer 100% merino wool in Sunrise. I now have enough to make three shawls and the Smores is for making the Calorimetry from

I would like to introduce you all to the other two new arrivals of the day. A cute little yellow kitty named Tiger and his brother Jet. We actually went with the intention of getting only one. My youngest daughter has wanted a yellow "tiger" kitty for so long. She is a die hard Clemson fan. When my friend told me her boss had one, we jumped at the chance to get him. They are actually hard to come by around here. Anyway, we went to pick him up this afternoon and my youngest son and I both fell in love with this little black and white fella. He was so cute and so sweet. He has white whiskers on his face and pretty blue eyes. We just couldn't leave him. After all, Tiger might get lonesome all by himself.

I couldn't resist sharing this one. He's just too cute! Go Tiger, Go Tiger!


Briley said...

Oh my goodness, they are so adorable!

Melanie said...

Thanks..I couldn't resist. It was my intention to get just the little "Tiger" but the other little fella was dressed in his tux and ready to go. What can ya do? I'm such a sucker. lol

kadezmom said...

Love the blog background - grin - You are so right, knitting is SO much cheaper that therapy, and you can wear it when you're done! How's that for a double bonus. Let me know how you like options. I've considered it as well. I love the kitties too! I fall for them so hard, I now have three grown cats....I can't have just one either.