Thursday, June 7, 2007

June Scarf KAL

This is the first day of my scarf KAL with the Shawls & Scarves Etc (SASE) group. I had originally intended to use a thicker yarn...something more suitable for cold weather. It was posted as a summer scarf but you can use the yarn of your choice with the appropriate needle size. After receiving the first days post, I remembered this yarn I got from my friend (HEY FROGGIE!) and thought to myself..."This would be perfect!" I put the thicker yarn away and cast on. This is Sinfonia in Lila. It's a little darker in the photo than it is in reality.

This is a no so good close up of the rows I've completed. You get the general idea I hope. It is so pretty. This is one of those scarves I would have ooohed and aaahed over and kept on browsing. My first thought would have been that it was just too complicated for my poor frazzled brain. I'm getting more comfortable with lace but it still makes me somewhat nervous. I have to say, I managed to do this much with absolutely NO FROGGING! YAY ME! So far (oh I hope I'm not jinxing myself here) this is a pretty easy pattern. I love doing KALs but I hate waiting for the next rows....I get sooo impatient when the pattern is one I can follow easily. And I have someone in mind to give this to but I need it done soon!
I think I'm going to head over to Knitting Pattern Central and look for some scarf patterns. The ones I passed over thinking I couldn't do it. I got lots of stash and a massive urge to keep knitting. Gotta stay busy til the next scarf rows come out. Tomorrow I get more rows for my feather and fan shawl....can't wait. I decided to wait before casting on with the new yarn. Oh, almost forgot, gotta go frog the shawl and re-do on bigger needles. I have to find the right size to get that drape going. Ok, so much for idle

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