Monday, October 15, 2007

Baby Booties Finished and Baby Bib

I have seamed up the other booties...finally....and now I have the set. I mean, who really needs just one bootie? I am now going to try to do a pair in some cotton leftovers. I know it can stretch but I'm hoping since I knit rather tightly that it won't really been a problem. We'll see how that goes. I just loathe acrylic (no offense to anyone who likes it....but I prefer natural fibers) and don't really enjoy knitting with it. I do have to admit that it is better than it was in the past. This particular yarn doesn't have that scratchy feeling to it. It's a baby yarn...if I remember correctly, it's made by Red Heart. I would have to go back through my files and find out since this was also leftover from a scarf I was making a while back.

This is my model for the baby bib. It's the Baby Bib O Love from the Mason-Dixon book. My cutie nephew had already gone home so I couldn't con him into modeling for me. My daughter insisted on her "baby" as the model of choice. The bib is done in Peaches & Cream and the color is Pink Lemonade. I never really had a preference between the P&C and the Sugar & Cream before but now I have to say...I really prefer the P&C. Now that I have more experience with yarns and textures, the P&C really stands out. It feels better...knits up a lot nicer....and the finished piece just seems a lot nicer. It's a good thing I don't live near their outlet store or the company...I would be in so much trouble. I would love to go visit though.
I do have another yucky spider photo for you all....I know how much you loved the first one. lol I will save him for another day. My son found him on the front of our barn and just had to take a photo. I've got him almost trained to look for the next good photo.


Tea said...

The booties are adorable! And that's cutie pie bib for sure.

I prefer natural fibers, too, but the others have their place when making gifts for folks that don't/won't handwash, etc. My favorite cotton is P&C, too. My dream vacation would be going to their outlet and staying for days, but it's only a dream 'cause Goodman ain't gonna go for that one. :)

Mary Ann said...

The booties and bib are great. I do mostly crochet myself, but I'm getting into knitting more and more.

Thanks for dropping by my blog to say hi! I'm very new at blogging, as you could probably tell.