Monday, October 22, 2007

Slippers...Okay, correction...Slipper

I have one of my slippers finished and the other one is OTN. There's not much going on here other than rain so I figured I would go ahead and post a photo of the finished one rather than going AWOL for days again. I would have preferred to use a color other than white but this was on the top of my stash and easiest to get to. The pattern calls for a contrasting color to do a crochet edge and for the strap. I still can't crochet that well and since this was a "test" pair anyway, I just opted out of the edging and did my strap in the same color. I want to do another pair in a darker color and add something on the bottom to make them wearable out doors.
Here's a side view for you. They're really cute and comfortable from what I can tell just wearing the
Please ignore the PJs, it's what I wear everyday around the house. As long as you're inside, who cares what you wear, right? You got to be comfy when you're knitting.
Don't worry, they're easy to know I wouldn't be doing it if it weren't....come on now. If you can handle double points and K2tog, you can do this one. The only seaming is on the heel.
I also came across another pattern on Ravelry that you should check out. It's definitely an original and I so want to try this one too!! Check out this awesome idea for recycling!!
Too Cute!


Tea said...

Okay, that one slipper is beautiful! Can't wait to see the other

I finally mused around a bit in ravelry found you. Very cool, love that lilknitter girl!

Anonymous said...

That is one adorable slipper! My problem is I don't know how to use double-pointed needles, but I CAN crochet! Is it hard to learn how to use them?

KnittyGirl said...

Very cute!!!

Regina said...

I never really had the patience for knitting or crocheting. My mom really tried to domesticate me (sewing, canning, knitting,crocheting...Blah!) I still rebel!
But you one slipper looks really good! Maybe I could buy some from you and pass them off as mine! Oh mom would be so proud!! Ha HA! Keep up the good work.

Mandi (a.k.a MissMandiGirl) said...

Very cute!!! I may have to give these a try!!