Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Major Cuteness (aka Killian) On Vacation

My brother in law takes awesome photos. They recently got back from vacation at Myrtle Beach and this is one of the photos he took for me. I love taking pictures as well but I'm not as good at it as he is and I only have a digital camera. There's still a lot to be said about the wonders of a good 35mm camera. Which reminds me, it's about time to con him into coming over and taking some updated family photos. The kids grow and change so fast...it's past time for some new ones. I was on the phone with my sister when she said something about the moon on the water so my BIL snapped this photo for me...I did adjust it a bit so you could see the water a little better. I think it 's a pretty cool photo.

This one might get me in trouble but I couldn't resist. This is what you call "a Kodak moment". My brother in law, Barry and son, Killian...the major cuteness himself. You just can't resist a photo like this. It's so sweet. Note to sister.....SCRAPBOOK! This one has to go in!

"MC" should have been a fish. I have never seen a child love the water as much as he does. He finally got to jump in! The pool at home is too deep but this one was just the ticket. He's such a daredevil....man, are his parents in trouble. lol

Last one, I promise. This is the cup cozy I made him to take on vacation. The one everyone kept stopping to ask about. He also has one to use when he is here while Mom and Dad work. I only have a few more to make and everyone will have one. I've thrown mine in the washer and dryer and it's still holding up great.
Okay, I'm done with all the cuteness...for now. I gotta go get that other slipper finished. I'm about half way done now and then finish the dishcloth dress I have OTN for my neighbor.

I'll be back on in a bit with my Wordless Wednesday.

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Mandi (a.k.a MissMandiGirl) said...

I actually have several photo shots from behind like that, Where the girls are holding someones hand and your right, they are great for the scrapbook!