Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Happy Birthday Skater Boy!

Today is my youngest son's birthday. The big "13". He got his birthday present a day early. My sister went across town to get it for him so we could surprise him. He wanted Guitar Hero II for Playstation 2. She found a good deal on it but she had the worst time getting her hands on the actual game. Everywhere she went, they tried to get her to buy the GH III but he had his heart set on II so she meant to get it. We went in together and got it for him since it was the only thing he really asked for. We led him to believe that he would have to wait for it to come in the mail. He was so shocked to get it a day early. After gasping for air, his just kept repeating...omg, omg, omg. lol He then proceeded to rip it open and try it out.

I wish I had a more recent photo to post but aside from the skateboarding picture I took today (you can't see his face) I don't have any real recent photos. This one was taken last year on one of our camping weekends. I think he was trying to look tough...hard to do when you're a short fella who weighs less than 100 lbs soaking wet. lol I just liked the reflection of the campfire...a little blurry though.

This one was taken today and no he hasn't grown much since last year. I believe this particular "trick" is called an Ollie. I wish I could build him a real place to skate but I am just not gifted in the construction department. If I built it, it wouldn't be safe to walk on much less skate. lol Since our yard was a pasture at one time, it doesn't really lend itself to skating but he was determined to figure out a way to do it. It's amazing what willpower and a little plywood can do to improve a situation.

Happy Birthday, Son! I love you!


amy-lynne......... said...

happy birthday... welcome to the teenage years......lol

graymama said...

Happy Birthday to your boy and you, of course :-)

I giggled while looking at the pics and reading about your son because he reminds me quite a bit of my Hubby. Hubby has had long hair since he was twelve, was about 5'3" until a HUGE growth spurt late in high school, has played the guitar since 7th grade, and he is also a skateboarder :-)

Regina said...

Happy Birthday! Nice pics.

Mandi (a.k.a MissMandiGirl) said...

Happy Birthday to him, A Teenager now! Cute to boot!