Friday, October 26, 2007

I'm Alive And Well...okay, scratch the well part.

I have actually gone two days and not knit a thing. I have a bug of some sort or allergies...not sure which but it is making me feel horrible. I've had the worst headache for days and just feel terrible. I did manage to get one project done at least. Major Cuteness is going to be Elvis for Halloween so his Mom & Dad wanted me to put an eagle on the back of his cape. There's one on the front of the costume but nothing on the cape and it looked really plain. After much searching for the right color rhinestones and the appropriate glue...I got down to business.
This is the cape after I finished putting the eagle on. I'm surprised it turned out so well since I was working with that dang headache. It took me a while to get the stones in just the right place. Then I had to glue each one onto the fabric one at a time. It went a lot faster than I anticipated thank goodness. It looks so much better in the sunlight. You can't see them sparkle in this photo. It really adds to the costume too. Now it's not so plain on the back.
This is what I saw yesterday on the way to pick up my sons from school. Is this the "Cool" thing now? I really must be getting old because personally I thought it was a bit much. That round silver thing under the car looks so much bigger in person....kinda looks like he had a rocket under there. I'm thinking he's probably got more money in the extras than the actual car is even worth. lol I'm pretty sure there were hydraulics involved as well. All this "pimping" to his ride and the poor car was blowing out black would have thought it was on fire. Oh well, as long as he's happy, who am I to criticize. I just hope my boys never want to drive one of these things. EEEWWWW.

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Mandi (a.k.a MissMandiGirl) said...

Very cute Melanie! You did a great job hun!! Some of the cars now are just so silly the way they fix them up.. or down.. however you look at it!