Sunday, May 6, 2007

Granny Smith Apples & A Seahorse

Well, it has taken 5 years but Granny has finally come through. These are my new "babies". My Granny Smith Apple tree. I planted this twig about 5 years ago. I never thought it would even grow. It barely had any roots at all. Last spring, I had 2 small apples but they never got very big. This spring, it is full of little apple babies! Keep your fingers crossed for me....I'm hoping for some good ones this year.

I have another new design posted on my sale site. My little seahorse. Working on another I hope to have done in a day or two. We went camping this weekend but had to come home Saturday. Got caught in the rain. Everything was soaked...including us. lol That has left me time to work on my new designs. And I also finished 2 of 3 dishcloths I have to do for my daughter to give her teachers. I will post a photo of them when I get them all done. My daughter is deaf and she wanted to give her teachers the I love you ASL cloth designed by Susan Mrenna. It is a wonderful design. You can find it at

I have another free pattern in the works. It is being test knitted by two very nice friends in my monthly dishcloth group. As soon as they give the okay and send a photo, I will post it here to share with everyone. It's a slot machine design if anyone is interested in it. It should be up soon.

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