Thursday, May 31, 2007

Surprised And Not So Surprised

This was my surprise this morning. I didn't even know the cactus would flower. Okay, so I obviously don't know much about cactus. This plant was given to me by a friend of my hubby's. He has them all over his yard. This one was still in a pot and looking kinda sad. I have always wanted one for my yard so he said that I could have this one. He's been here for about a year now and has grown so much. When I went out this morning, this is what I found! Just one lone little flower but it's so pretty. We recently moved him from the place we originally planted him to a spot closer to the road in front of our house. I think maybe he's just showing off. lol

Well, my no so surprised is that I am not happy with first soap sack attempt. I've already re-written the pattern and am ready to get another one OTN. I had to re-do my decreases for the bottom. I hate pointy and it is pointy. Looks more like a cone shape which is not a favorite of mine. I would prefer it be more flat. Maybe the second time will be the charm....I sure hope so.


Kandie said...

Hi Mel! I think your soap sack looks nice. i have not tried one yet. Is the purpose to store the soap before using? If so, I think I'll give them a try!

Side note: I couldn't find your email address. I have a sample of Mango Mist ready to send to you. I have 3 new soaps, Spiced Orange Slice, Almond Silk, and Sweet Dreams. Would you like a sample of those as well? You can give me your opinion of them.

Love the Tweetie Bird!

Susan said...

I have one of those yard cactus!
Mine has 2 buds on it. It should open this week!

Melanie said...

I really don't know anything about this plant but I do love it! Didn't realize when I got it that it would ever flower but it's so pretty. Actually had another flower pop up a few days later.