Tuesday, May 29, 2007

My Own Soap Sack...A WIP

I've been trying to design my own soap sack. I really like using them when we go camping, but I just haven't been completely happy with the pattern I was using. It's done mostly in stockinette. The soap seems to get a little yucky and clumped up inside the sack. I'm thinking maybe it would work better with something a little more "lacy". This way the water drains out better as well as the suds from the soap. I don't know this for a fact...haven't tried it yet....just doing a little thinking. lol

I'm been going through my copy of The New Knitting Stitch Library by Leslie Stanfield. If you haven't seen this book...it's awesome. I love it! You can browse through this book 10 times and see something each time that you didn't notice before. It has really helped me to understand the different decreases...they confuse me so much. And it's a good lesson on reading charts. If I am ever going to actually knit the Pacific Waves Shawl....I am going to HAVE to figure this chart business out. Whenever I see a pattern with a chart...it sends chills of fear down my spine. I really want that shawl though. I already have my yarn from Elann. It's still sitting here in the box waiting on me to get over my fear.

These two photos are my soap sack so far. I should have it finished soon. It's knitting up pretty quick and so far, I really like it. This is done with scraps of S&C. I'm thinking it would be so pretty done in the Sinfonia my friend (Amy-lynne) gave me. It has a very nice sheen to it and would look so much prettier. I'll keep you posted.


Anonymous said...

Ooooh I love it!!!!


Melanie said...

Thanks Cat! I have a feeling though that this is only the first "draft". I always end up tweaking it somehow. lol