Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Another Day...Another Design

Another beautiful day in the neighborhood. This is what we have had to look forward to a lot of days lately. The last one we had brought a microburst that destroyed a silo just up the road from our house. Kinda scary but it could have been worse. This is the view from my front porch. In a strange sort of way....it is kinda beautiful.

This is the view from the back deck. A little unnerving to know that this is hovering over your house. It seems to be moving rather quickly thank goodness. What we really need is rain...a LOT of rain. By the look of this, you would think we get lots of it but we only seem to get quick little showers and then it's over.

See why we need the rain. These are my newest "babies". This is my giant elephant ear plant. The leaf in the front doesn't look to good but the rest is growing like wildfire. Every day you can see how it's growing. I've tried twice before to grow an elephant ear with no luck. I'm so happy to see him getting bigger.

Finally, this is my new design. My son came up with the original chart and I just modified it to fit my dishcloth designs. It's called Hoops. I should have it posted on Dishing Knit Out by tonite. I will soon have another test knit OTN that he charted. If this one turns out well, it will definitely be his favorite.

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