Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Picot Swirl Cloth

This is the beginning of the Picot Swirl Cloth designed by Tea. I love the round cloths and this one is a little different from the ones I have knitted in the past. Tea has this pattern posted on her blog to share. It's here if you'd like to see it....
The round cloths seem to knit up so much faster and I do love the "instant gratification". I bought this ball of Sugar & Cream because I really liked the colors...had no idea what I would use it for at the time though. It's called Jewels. I so love this pattern and as a bonus, I learned something new today. YAY! I didn't know how to do a picot edge til now. Thanks Tea for sharing the pattern. I love it!

Just a little close-up of the picot edge for ya. I think I like this better than the other ones with the pointy edges. I will probably have to go up a needle size on my next one. Being a tight knitter, mine is coming out a little smaller than it was designed to be. I should have known this before I started but I have something on my 8's and I just couldn't wait.


Tea said...

Melanie, your Picot Swirl is gorgeous! I HAVE to find some of that Jewel yarn. I hope Hobby Lobby has it. Big, big thanks for all your nice comments about the pattern. I have a slightly lacy version that I'm tweaking for release next week. :)

Christmas Angel said...

I love that design.

TAG! You're it!

Check out my blog for the rules,

Big hug!

Melanie said...

I don't remember if I found it at HL or at Michaels. I'm thinking it was Michaels. I can't wait to see the lacy version!