Sunday, July 1, 2007

Party Time

Today has been a long one. We had my oldest daughter's birthday party today. She wanted a pool party and since it was her "Sweet Sixteen", we gave in. Man, what a lot of work. It was worth it though. I think everyone had a good time and she even let us old folks hang around.

This is the birthday girl. One of the girls was doing cartwheels off the diving board so Megan wanted to give it a try....wish you could have seen that. It was so funny. She was scared to try and everytime she moved her foot to go, she would stop and squeal. She wasn't even jumping yet. She finally did but I think it took her 10 minutes to get the courage to just do it. She's such a girly girl.

This is the baby of the family who is fearless and jumped right up on the diving board and did her cartwheel like it's something she does every day. When the boys got too rough and ran the girly girls off...this one didn't budge. She fits in anywhere.

Here's the boys. Looks like they're plotting something and they probably are. That's what boys do isn't it? If you look in the background, you'll see that fearless one again. LOL

The grand finale.....her Dad brought fireworks to finish off the party. I'm so glad I got a shot of the first one. My 2 1/2 year old nephew is absolutely terrified of them so they had to stop. He went inside and refused to come back out after this. The party was ending at this point so he didn't miss the fun.
Now I'm off to bed....seems like this day has lasted forever. We're all exhausted and aside from my youngest son, I'm the only one still left awake. He's proof reading as I type and it's a good thing as he's already caught several mistakes. :) Thanks for checking in...always nice to have visitors.

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