Monday, July 16, 2007

Doing The Happy Dance And Cables!

OMG!! I can't believe I'm doing cables. I thought it would be forever until I got to this point. I just joined a new group called Cloth Of The Week. This is the one they are working on now. So, I figured I would just jump on in and give it a try. I know, I know, it needs a little work and a lot of practice but I am so proud of my little cable. This is the beginning of my scrubber. I just hope I don't run out of yarn. Maybe I will pick another color and switch colors throughout just in case.

My biggest problem seems to be that I am a very tight knitter and this doesn't go well with cables. It makes them look a little warped as it causes the stitches to look pulled. I will definitely have to practice knitting a little looser when cables come into play. I was just so happy to actually be knitting something that resembles a cable that I had to post and share it with you!

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amy-lynne......... said...

great job so far. cant waitto see the rest .... hey... loosen up..... jk :Þ