Monday, July 23, 2007

Cloth Of The Week...Poppycock Feathers

This is the Cloth Of The Week...Poppycock Feathers. I really like this one, it has a sort of feather and fan look. It's a very simple, easy to follow pattern. I was really surprised at how quickly it knit up. This first photo was taken without the flash and shows the colors much better. I used Sugar & Cream in Key Lime Pie. I love the colors since green is one my favorites.

The next one I knit, I think I will only do one row of knit before the pattern. I really like the wavy's a change from the usual square cloths. Although another group member used a 1" border on both the cast on edge and the bind off edge and it looked very nice as well. It gave the cloth a whole different look. Even the center pattern looked slightly differen that way in my opinion. Very nice.


Tea said...

Love your poppycock cloth! Your blog is very nice, but I can't find the little yarn girl button you made. So cute, I hope she's not gone forever. Glad you liked Picot Swirl; that's encouraging.

Christmas Angel said...

Oh POPPYCOCK! What a PRETTY PRETTY piece this is! I think I will make a PILE of my own starting now! thanks so much for posting htis, I love the color.

Melanie said...

Thanks Tea...I will see what I can do about bringing her back..I was worried she was too big.

Tiff...You'll love how easy this one is....I used the pattern for the large's pretty with the border or without.