Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Mother Nature Is Obviously Upset...

I don't who did it or what they did...but someone has really made Mother Nature mad. This is another fine afternoon in the South. This isn't even the really scary part of the cloud. I couldn't get a good photo since I was in the car and I was driving. I had a hard enough time just staying in my lane...the wind was awful. But I have to admit, in some strange sort of way, storm clouds are so beautiful. These were so low that it looked like you could almost touch them. It's both fascinating and frightening to watch them. Luckily we only got a lot of wind, lightening and rain. It had me going for a moment though...thought maybe there was another tornado in the works.
On another note, I frogged my cable scrubber. I just wasn't happy with the way it was looking. I forced myself to knit a little loosely but that only made it worse. I will cast on again and try to knit snug, not tight, and hope that maybe it will turn out better. I guess I shouldn't expect perfection on my first cable but I'm funny that way. I can't stand it if it isn't "perfect". I have my own definition of perfect for knitting purposes. lol

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