Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Contest Goodies....Woo Hoo!

I got my contest goodies yesterday for guessing which animal Cat was knitting for her Cocoa Swap partner. There was an extra goodie if you guessed the Industry name of the pattern. It was Shaun The Sheep. Lilduckie jumped right on the it was for him. I mean, who does he think he is anyway? Pfftt!

These are the prettiest stitch markers. I don't have any even remotely like these. Most of my pretties are the small little beads...which I love but this is a nice little change.

Could she have picked a more appropriate set of stitch markers? They are so cute! Perfect for knitting more duckies. lol

There was also a cute little flower button in with the stitch markers. You can see who got that and tried to steal the littlest duckies. I got the stitch markers back but I think the button is going to stay right where it is.

Thanks for the awesome goodies, Cat! We both love em!

*Other duckie the body seamed and the wings and beak on. Just need to finish the legs, stuff the duck and add some eyes. Froggie had a really cute idea for a little something extra for this new duckie. I love the idea...totally cute....if it works out, I think it's going to be the perfect addition to the new guy. Shouldn't be long before he's ready.


Anonymous said...

Wow, those are all adorable, and I love how Duky keeps making appearances on your blog!

Cat said...

I am so glad they arrived safe and sound. Wow what a nice thing to do and add that button. Got a question... did they come in the little heart box or did you put them in there?
LOL remember share with ducky LOL

Christy B. said...

Love those stitch markers (especially the ducks). Who would not love those little duckies hanging off their knitting?

hakucho said...

Those duckie stitch markers are adorable and very appropriate!!

happy knitting :)