Saturday, February 16, 2008

Mini Sock Keychain

I decided today that since I can knit a sock now...I should whip up my sock keychain kit. I really wanted to have it on my keys to let everyone see. It was a super quick, fun knit.

It is so cute. I just love it and I've already had a request to make one for someone else. I think maybe I'll have to order some yarn and a handful of the sock blocker keychains so I can have them handy for gifts.

If anyone is interested in getting can find them at The Unique Sheep .

Just a quick post today...had to share this little thing with you. It's already on my keys and ready for show. :)


mari said...

Very cute.

I think I need to get one for myself. :)

Aunt Kathy said...

That is a cute sock, is that the yarn they sent with the key chain blocker?

How big is the sock compared to your keys I wonder?

I'd like a mini blocker think but first I want a real sized sock blocker.

Actually what I want is a foot form thing like you'd see in a department store, just calf to feet but I want the feet part to be sticking upside down in the air, to model all my new socks, lol.

Briley said...

The keychain is adorable, but have you finished the mate for your fist sock. Miss Thang will be running around with one cold foot if you haven't!

Christy B. said...

Very adorable! Like a sock for a little fairy.

hakucho said...

Too cute!! Great job and I expect you'll get lots of comments from people you meet who see your keys :)

happy knitting :)

Cat said...

How adorable!!!! It is just so cute.


Mandi (a.k.a MissMandiGirl) said...

So darn cute! Love it!